Kabogo’s key condition for supporting Ruto

Former Kiambu governor William Kabogo has threatened to withdraw his support for Deputy President William Ruto and the Kenya Kwanza Alliance in two months if he is not given a written economic blueprint.

He said that there are still four months to the election and a lot of things could change before then.

Speaking Tuesday after meeting aspirants under his Tujibebe Wakenya Party in Nyeri County, Mr Kabogo said that DP Ruto had agreed to develop an economic strategy spelling out how Mt Kenya region would benefit from his government if he is elected president.

At the moment, I am in Kenya Kwanza but on a rider that Ruto must present a written document in two months on how he will handle economic matters of our region and if he fails to do so then I may change my mind,” he said.

“I only have one vote and if I was to vote now, it would go to DP Ruto unless I get a reason not to vote. But if something happens and I have to change my mind and vote for myself as president, I will,” he added.

He said there is still a lot of time before the elections and things could change.

“In politics a day is a long time. Things do change. You may find me on the ballot but we are not there yet,” he said.

Mt Kenya exposed

Mr Kabogo, who is vying for the Kiambu governor’s seat, said that Mt Kenya region is exposed with no one caring for the interests of its residents. This, he said, is the reason why those wishing the bag votes from the region should commit themselves on what is on offer for Mt Kenya people.

“I asked Azimio: what is your plan for Mt Kenya — the people who live in the mountain — because we want to know what plan you have and what you have discussed with President Kenyatta as he exits? People are silent and do not want to speak,” he said.

Mr Kabogo said that when he approached Kenya Kwanza, they agreed that any additional money for devolution should be shared according to the population of the counties rather than implementing the one man, one vote, one shilling method which would hurt other counties.

“We can leave the counties as they are so that what they get is the minimum equitable share but any additional money will be shared according to population and we agreed that with the DP. But I told him that I want it in writing,” he said.

Track record

Mr Kabogo said he has a track record, adding that he had successfully run a county government and urged voters to focus on an individual’s performance rather that voting for parties.

“Since 1963, we have had this story of “our person”. But how has that helped us? We have had Cabinet secretaries but how did that help us? Why don’t we look for help for the general community?” he asked.

“We hope that the next government that comes will take money, not just to Mt Kenya region, but to the entire republic and allow Kenyans to work. Make KRA one that collects revenue, not on the basis of how politically connected you are. Extend the tax bracket so that you lower the taxes and collect more,” he added.

Mr Kabogo said that he is out to promote his party, targeting to win a number of electoral positions.

Fair nominations

He maintained that his party would ensure that the popular candidate would be the one on the ballot and assured aspirants of free and fair nominations.

“In Tujibebe Wakenya Party, you only get a ticket if you deserve it by way of being the poplar candidate,” he said.

“We have ways of doing nominations because we know that the exercise is infiltrated by other parties so that they support a weak candidate to meet them at the ballot. But that will not happen here because we have several ways of doing it,” said Mr Kabogo.

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