Ken Okoth was the face of hope and courage in battle with cancer – Nairobi News

Even while battling cancer, a disease that has become a national scourge, the late Kibra Member of Parliament, Ken Okoth, was the face of strength and hope.

Mr Okoth made public his condition in February this year stating that his condition had been discovered at a very advanced stage, and could only be managed.

The effects of the treatment could be seen on his deteriorating health but this never stopped him from sharing words of encouragement with a smile on his face.

In March this year he shared a picture of himself while he was receiving treatment abroad on social media.

This was in response to a concerned Kenyan who had asked for an update on his treatment.


The MP responded; “Napambana na hali yangu kabisa. Chemo drugs brutal on the skin and immunity system.”

Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris also shared pictures showing the two of them with the MP’s wife Monica at the Eiffel Tower in Paris.

All through his battle with cancer, Mr Okoth always looked cheerful, energetic and with a permanent smile on his face.

Okoth lost the fight to cancer on Friday afternoon when he died at Nairobi Hospital where he had been rushed to by family members on Thursday night after his condition worsened.

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