Kenyan teen who lost leg to cancer impresses with high jump skills – VIDEO – Nairobi News

Iddy Gillo Makorani was born an ordinary child 15 years ago. For four years later, though, Makorani fell ill. He battled with various diagnoses until he was in Class Three when he was diagnosed with cancer of the leg.

Doctors recommended that his left foot be amputated from the knee downwards as the cancer had affected the whole leg.

The amputation helped the pupil of Mnazini Primary School kick out cancer that had come with so much pain.

“From there I decided that I will not be taken back just because I would now remain with only one leg. I had to feel like the rest, play like the rest and do things like them,” he told Nairobi News.

According to him, he had to drop out of school for years until he rejoined three years ago in Class Four.

Now in Class Seven, the pupil hopes that he will make his mother who is a single parent proud when he seats his class eight examinations next year.


“He said that for the whole time, it didn’t really feel like he had cancer. However, since it did not snatch my life I hope that I will work hard and become a medical doctor who treats children who suffer from cancer,” he said.

A video making rounds on social media shows the primary school pupil with only one foot participating in a high jump as his colleagues cheer him on.

He clears the relatively high hurdle much to the amusement of his colleagues.

The pupil also rides a bicycle on daily basis to school which is located a distance of 500 meters from their home.

Mnazini Primary school head teacher Edward Mwalili describes the pupil as a talented and good performer.

He said that Makorani also is well known in the area for being a good barber and a cobbler.

“He usually does fine cuts and it really amazes us,” said Mr Mwalili, who also said that the pupil is a staunch Islam.

Mr Mwalili said that he hopes that the dream of the pupil to one day represent Kenya in the Olympics will come true.

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