Kenyans join ‘Vogue’ global challenge – Nairobi News

Kenyans have joined in the viral #VogueChallenge showcasing their creative talents by affixing their pictures on the cover of the popular fashion and lifestyle magazine.

The challenge started in America after the magazine’s editor-in-chief Ann Wintour, apologised for not giving more space to black designers on the publication.

The apology came in the wake of unrest sweeping across the US and world over the killing of a black man George Floyd by a white policeman in Minneapolis.

According to the Guardian, Ms Wintour regretted that only a few black people are employed at Vogue. She, however, promised that it would change in the future.

This sparked an online buzz resulting in different people of color responding to Ms Wintour apology by recreating the cover of Vogue magazine with their own photos.

Netizens from all over Africa joined the #VogueChallenge (Africa).

Below are some of the posts shared locally and elsewhere.

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