Kenyans pour scorn on Kobia’s defence of Waiguru

Lawmakers and Kenyans at large have termed as hypocrisy the defence of impeached Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru.

On Wednesday, Public Service and Gender CS Margaret Kobia condemned the impeachment of Waiguru saying it is an ‘indicator that some do not value strong women leadership.’

The CS said Waiguru’s impeachment during the Covid-19 global pandemic is a major injustice to women leadership.

Kobia demanded justice and due process to be followed in Waiguru’s impeachment.

However, the Tanga Tanga group who are allied to Deputy President William Ruto viewed the act by the CS as practising double standards.

Elgeyo Senator Kipchumba Murkomen wondered where the CS was during the removal of women leaders from House leadership posts such as Nakuru Senator Susan Kihika who was axed from the Chief Whip post.

Murkomen added that the CS did not utter a word during the removal of Cecily Mbarire as Deputy Whip in the National Assembly.

“For you people to understand the magnitude of the hypocrisy that runs deep in the country, this lady sits in the Cabinet and she is the appointee of the President who is “fighting” corruption and who is In charge of the Senate. Is as simple as that. Now you know what next,” Murkomen tweeted.

The Senator asked the CS not to be used in her capacity to comment on every matter.

“CS Kobia you don’t have to do everything to keep your job. Learn something from strong women like Susan and Cecily. He is misusing you,” Murkomen said.

Kihika herself sarcastically asked whether she and Mbarire were also women despite them being ejected from their House leadership positions.

“Wondering if a similar letter from @CSMargaretKobia 4 @CecilyMbarire & I got lost in the mail? Could the Ministry of Gender not be aware that we are women too?” she tweeted.

Kericho Senator referred to Taita Taveta Governor Granton Samboja’s impeachment where a similar order was in place against the assembly.

“They impeached him still. The matter came to us. We still considered the matter. But I understand the season we live in,” he said.

Soy MP Caleb Kositany likened the situation to ‘The Animal Farm”.

“All animals are equal, but some are more equal than others. Jubilee and ODM Parties have been harassing women leaders and you were mute,” he said in reference to the CS’s statement.

Gilgil MP termed Kobia’s statement unfortunate if it was true.

“If this is legitimate it’s unfortunate for the open segregation on which women to support and which not to. Quite unfortunate,” she tweeted.


 Other Kenyans on Twitter were also an unhappy lot asking her to stop mixing gender and alleged graft issues.

@itskamaufrank said, “Margaret Kobia whipped for #WaiguruOuster during a pandemic but not for women who were illegally evicted from Ruai, Kariobangi in the midst of a pandemic, not for illegal removal of @susankihika and Cecily Mbarire who were fellow women replaced by men.”

@Mahuru_ said “CS Kobia really out here pulling the gender card. According to her, we should hold female leaders to a different standard because they are women.”

“Women and children were evicted at the middle of the night in Kariobangi and she/they Prof M Kobia/other women leader’s kept silent, now she is here to defend a corrupt woman involved in corruption, big shame,” @ThomasKiptoo8 said.

@RobertAlai said “Ha ha ha. Ati Waiguru was impeached because she is a strong woman leader? Are you guys for real?”

@vincent035115wrote,”It seems like @susankihika and @cecilmbarire have XY Chromosomes?

 “This stupidity. Margaret Kobia don’t bring feminism here. What about the ouster of Susan Kihika @susankihika and Aisha Jumwa from their previous positions? Are they not women?? If waititu was impeached & he’s in Jubilee why not Waiguru. Stop discrimination,” @DukeMtambo said.

@John19586wrote, “Let’s not apply double standards. Why not comment when Susan kihika was shown the door @susankihika ,@WahomeHon,@MillicentOmanga.”

@iFortknox said “I agree with Prof. Margaret Kobia. Patriarchy holds women to unrealistic professional standards than it holds men. A little corruption here and there is no reason to impeach a strong woman. Men have been corrupt for millennia and they don’t get punished.”

@NelsonHavi said “Good morning Prof. The distinguished Governor was elected by popular vote; not affirmative action. Elected leaders are evaluated on meritocracy and performance. If you are gender genuine, please issue a Memo to CJ Magara to dissolve Parliament for violating the 2/3 gender rule.”


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