Key witness in Kevin Omwenga murder found dead

The body of Wycliffe Omwenga, Kevin’s brother, was found in his house in Riruta on Wednesday July 21

The mystery surrounding the murder of car dealer Kevin Omwenga may not be unravelled soon following the death of a key witness in his murder case.

Omwenga was shot dead in his house at Galana Suites in Kilimani, Nairobi, in August last year.

Investigations showed Omwenga was killed over a fake gold deal that he was to seal in Dubai. Gold dealer Chris Obure and his security guard Robert Bodo Ouko were arrested and charged with the murder.

They were released on bond.

Kevin’s younger brother Wycliffe Omwenga was a key witness in the murder case.

Wycliffe’s body was found in his house in Riruta, Nairobi, on Wednesday with “few bloodstains,” police said. The cause of the death was yet to be established.

His uncle Kennedy Ongwae said they were yet to know the cause of the death of Wycliffe.

“As a family, we are in shock given the mysterious death of Wycliffe which has happened less than a year after his brother was brutally murdered. We are seeking answers from authorities,” Ongwae said.

He said he had talked to Wycliffe on the phone a day before his body was discovered in the house. The uncle had sent him to an insurance firm to undertake some transactions.

“On Wednesday, he did not pick his calls and it forced us to send a boda boda rider and my sister to his house. They discovered the body,” Ongwae said.

Wycliffe’s body was found in his bedroom and the house was apparently locked from inside. Police said they are looking for an unidentified woman who was seen leaving the house late on Tuesday evening.

However, officers at the Riruta police station are under inquiry for failing to register the death as required by law.

The family claimed they were chased away from the station when they went to report Wycliffe’s death.

A team of detectives from the DCI headquarters has joined the probe. They are expected to establish the motive behind Wycliffe’s murder.

“He could have been killed by parties who have an interest in many issues at hand. And given the manner in which officers at the station acted, it raises many questions,” an officer aware of the prob said.

The team visited the scene where the body was found and interrogated neighbours. They also interrogated police officers at the station over their conduct.

Wycliffe’s relatives said they were forced to use private means to take the body to the mortuary after the officers at the Riruta police station said they did not have a vehicle.

They claimed they had to beg the officers to give them a note showing that Wycliffe lived alone so they can be allowed to break into his house and remove the body.

Wycliffe was yet to testify in his brother’s murder case.

Kilimani head of DCI Stephene Tanki said they were investigating the death of Wycliffe to know those behind and their motive. A postmortem has been planned for Tuesday.

Omwenga was killed over a fake gold deal that he was to seal in Dubai that weekend, investigations have shown.

Obure and Bodo were arrested on August 21, 2020, after Omwenga was murdered in his house at Galana Suites in Kilimani, Nairobi.

They denied the charge and were granted bail of Sh2 million and Sh500,000 respectively by Justice Jessie Lessit. The court directed them to deposit two sureties of the same amounts.

The court barred the accused from contacting any of Omwenga’s relatives or a prosecution witness.

They were also ordered to surrender their travel documents to the court and file affidavits declaring their respective places of residence.

Justice Lesiit further barred the accused from owning or holding a firearm during the pendency of the case and said any gun in their custody should be surrendered to police.

The prosecution had opposed the bail application, fearing the accused would interfere with the investigations and intimidate witnesses.

The court also heard that interference by the accused persons would significantly harm the pursuit of justice in the matter.

The investigating officer Bashir Boya said investigations had established Ouko accompanied Kevin to his house for dinner on the day he was killed.

After dinner, Ouko excused himself to go home but before he could leave, they went to the bedroom. Soon after, a loud sound similar to a gunshot was heard in the bedroom.

“Ouko hurriedly came out of the bedroom and said he wanted to rush somewhere but was restrained by Kevin’s brother Wycliffe who was then in the kitchen cooking.

“Another guest went to the bedroom and found Kevin lying on the floor, holding his chest,” Boya told court.

Kevin was rushed to Nairobi Women’s Hospital in Hurlingham where he was pronounced dead upon arrival.

Ouko allegedly went back to Glo-jet offices at Senteu Plaza to hide the gun in an attempt to conceal the murder, investigators said.

It was only after Ouko was arrested the following day that he led detectives to Senteu Plaza where a firearm, loaded with 13 rounds of ammunition, was recovered. The weapon belonged to Obure.

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