Kidundu Stadium: The perfect white elephant?

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Kidundu Stadium in Vihiga begs for attention. The playing surface is uneven, a Sh10 million perimeter wall is unfinished and there are no changing rooms, toilets or water in the stadium.

The incomplete perimeter wall was erected during the first term of devolution when Moses Akaranga was the governor of Vihiga.

The toilets were to be constructed during the 2017/18 financial year under current Governor Wilber Ottichilo.

Dreams of the county having a stadium came alive when construction of the perimeter wall began.

But hopes quickly died out when building of the wall stalled during Akaranga’s administration. No works have done on the stadium despite assurances from the present county administration.

According to the county’s development records for 2018/19, Touchline Solutions was awarded the tender of developing the stadium at a cost of Sh5.1 million. Out of this cash, the contractor has been paid Sh2.4 million while a payment of Sh2.7 million is listed among the pending bills under the Sports department.


The county administration had factored Sh15 million in the 2017/2019 supplementary budget for acquiring more land for expansion of the stadium. But that has not yielded fruit. No expansion has been done at the stadium for close to three years later.


The stadium has never hosted any major sporting event except the National Miss Tourism competition in 2016, inauguration ceremonies and most recently an inter-denominational prayer service-cum fundraiser for eight churches presided over by Deputy President William Ruto.

Kidundu Stadium has become unattractive to athletes and sports lovers. Expansion of the stadium is difficult because the stadium is located in an area surrounded by residential homes and the homeowners are unwilling to move.

The county government run Vihiga United somewhat brings the stadium to life as the team practices at the venue daily. The team was relegated to the National Super League last season.

During a past event, Dr Ottichilo assured residents that the county administration would complete all stalled projects — including the stadium — that were started by the previous administration.

The sorry state of the stadium has attracted the attention of other leaders from the county who are now seeking the intervention of the national government.

Former Governor Akaranga, former Vihiga MP Yusuf Chanzu and politician Wilberforce Kitiezo say it is time to complete the stalled stadium.

Akaranga said the stadium is of great importance to residents. He has appealed to the Deputy President to step in and help.

Chanzu said: “Kidundu is our stadium. We have tried to construct it and this is where we have reached.”

Kitiezo said most of the youth in the area need the stadium to grow their talent as well as keep themselves busy and active through sporting activities.

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