Kisumu: thief books hotel room, drills hole in the wall and robs adjacent supermarket

Detectives in Kisumu are pursuing several people believed to be behind the Shivling supermaket Tuesday night break-in.

Preliminary investigations indicate that money and television sets of unknown value were stolen in the heist that has left area residents shell-shocked.

The newly opened supermarket along the Kisumu-Kakamega road shares a wall with Hotel City Park which was drilled on the said night to allow access into the retail store.

The Shivling supermarket along the Kisumu-Kakamega road has only been in operation for two months. Photo: Courtesy

k24 Digital reported that the mastermind of the heist had booked themselves into the guest house and picked a room adjacent to the supermarket.

It was on Wednesday morning that the hotel staff reporting for duty noticed that there was hole in the wall.

The suspect reportedly booked a room at an adjacent guest room and spent his night executing the crime. Photo: Courtesy
Coincidentally, the guest who is now the prime suspect had already checked out by the time hotel staff discovered the crime.

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