KTN’s Fridah Mwaka and Lofty Matambo release ‘Weh Corona’ song

KTN news anchors Fridah Mwaka and Lofty Matambo have collaborated with producer Saint P to release a coronavirus song.

Titled Weh Corona, the idea for the June 2 release was conceived in the newsroom. Speaking to SDE, Fridah alias Kichuna said that after discussing the idea for a song with Lofty, they later approached music producer Saint P.

According to Mwaka, as media personalities, they saw it fit to give a voice in the fight against the global pandemic.

“Lofty and I were in the newsroom when the thought of doing a song came to us. We are both gospel artistes and we thought, why not have a corona song? We visited Saint P who owns a studio-Sasa Muziki and shared the idea with him.

“It was a done deal and we started writing the song. I put my verse in Giriama because the three of us come from the coast,” she said.

“Corona inatufanya tusiende mashambani kwa sababu ya curfew, kazi tunafutwa tutakula nini?” she sings.

The song’s bridge highlights the necessary precautions for preventing COVID-19 including wearing face masks, social distancing and sanitizing.

“We believe we are corona warriors and that’s why we have done the song to create awareness and give people hope that we can make it,” she concluded.

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