‘Late Night’ Writer Amber Ruffin Has Even More Unsettling Police Stories

If you weren’t already feeling uncomfortable about “Late Night” writer Amber Ruffin’s disturbing encounters with police, how about now?

For the fourth night in a row, Ruffin returned to “Late Night with Seth Meyers” to tell yet another story about how the cops baselessly questioned her.

This time, there was a twist. In this police encounter, her white friend was driving the car, and she was surprised to see the cop treat the man with respect.

As for her? The officer assumed she was a prostitute.

“My friend says to the cop — he goes, ‘You have nothing. You have to let us go.’ And I’m like, ‘You just got me killed!’ But the cop goes, ‘OK, but you have to leave,’” Ruffin said, incredulously.

“Y’all, the respect this cop just automatically had for my friend. I’ll never forget seeing it,” she added.

Ruffin’s previous stories included being questioned by a cop for giving her friend his wallet back:

A time she was stopped for doing nothing but skipping and being a delight:

And a time a cop singled her out for listening to Busta Rhymes as a teenage driver:

Ruffin ended her Thursday video praising former President Barack Obama’s recent town hall, in which he talked about changes police forces can make to save lives right now.

She also reminded viewers not to forget the costs of any positive change, naming 11 people who have already lost their lives in the recent anti-racism protests following the police killing of George Floyd.

“Don’t let it cost more lives,” Ruffin said.

She added, “Vote. Call your representatives. Unfriend racists. And most importantly, when you see something, say something. Do something. Get loud. Don’t let people get away with racist crap ― not anymore. It’s a new day.”

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