‘Late Night’ Writer Sums Up Trump’s Cognitive Test With 1 Word

There’s been plenty of talk and analysis about Donald Trump’s cognitive test, but at some point you have to just say, “Whaaaat!?”

With the president keeping himself in the news for boasting about passing the Montreal Cognitive Assessment test, “Late Night with Seth Meyers” writer Amber Ruffin on Tuesday reminded him it’s not really something to brag about.

“Do you think they give those to everybody? They give them to people who are losing their dang minds,” Ruffin said in her latest “Amber Says What” segment. “This is like you bragging you took a sobriety test. If you weren’t swerving all over the place, you wouldn’t have to identify shapes and animals.”

The test is supposed to be easy for someone without cognitive impairment. Somewhat proving that point, Ruffin said, “Look, I’ll take it right now,” identifying a picture of Trump with one word that the president probably wishes was “What!”

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