Libyan government takes 3 military camps from rebels


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The UN-backed Libyan government’s forces on Saturday said it took over three military camps from the rival eastern-based army in the south of the capital Tripoli, as the armed conflict between the two rivals continued.

“Our forces took control of Al-Yarmuk, Hamza and the Missiles camps and are pursuing the fleeing militias of Khalifa Haftar (commander of the eastern-based army),” Mohamed Gonono, spokesman of the UN-backed government’s forces, said in a statement.

“The military engineering teams are clearing mines laid by Haftar’s militia,” the statement said.

Lately, the UN-backed government’s forces have been making significant progress against the eastern-based army, taking over military camps and cities in western Libya.


A war has been going on since April 2019 between the UN-backed government and eastern-based army, which is trying to take over Tripoli and topple the UN-backed government, despite repeated international calls for cease-fire.

Hundreds of civilians were killed and injured in the fighting with more than 150,000 others displaced.

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