Los Angeles Dodgers fans buy sign at Fenway Park thanking Boston Red Sox for Mookie Betts trade

But, in February 2020, Boston traded Betts to the Los Angeles Dodgers — the team he helped beat two years before. Later that year the Dodgers won the World Series — their first title since 1988 — with Betts creating highlight moments at every turn.

In his first season with the Dodgers, the 26-year-old superstar hit .292. But most importantly, he hit a clutch home run in the eighth inning of Game 6 of the World Series, which all but sealed the championship for Los Angeles.

Now, ahead of the start of the 2021 baseball season, a group of Dodgers fans is thanking the Red Sox for trading Betts — in a big way. Across the street from Fenway Park.

But the fan group, Pantone 294 (named after the shade of blue in Dodgers uniforms), isn’t doing it to troll the Red Sox but to earnestly thank them.

“It was never meant to trash talk,” Alex Soto, CEO of Pantone 294, told ESPN. “The Red Sox are my favorite AL and second team overall. I love Boston, it’s a beautiful city. Maybe when I’m old I can buy a house out here to retire.”

Soto is just excited about baseball returning. Opening Day 2021 is April 1.

“It was an honest thank-you message. I think Mookie was the final piece we needed to win that championship,” he said. “Baseball’s back. Let’s have some fun!”

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