LSK says President has until October 12 to dissolve Parliament

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) says President Uhuru Kenyatta has until October to dissolve Parliament over the two-thirds gender rule. It wants MPs’ salaries stopped, security withdrawn and parliamentary precincts and constituency offices closed on October 12.

LSK says there is no lacuna in law on what happens going forward: IEBC should conduct a mass by-election within 90 days and those elected are supposed to serve for the remainder of the term.

LSK says the President’s term, as well as those of governors and MCAs, are not affected by the dissolution. “The President will be in violation of the Constitution should he fail to dissolve Parliament on or before October 12, 2020. Regardless of the President’s action or inaction, Parliament will be unlawful effective October 12, 2020,” LSK President Nelson Havi said.

LSK says the CJ acted on behalf of the people of Kenya in making the advisory to the President to dissolve Parliament.

“The exercise of this power cannot be challenged in court or anywhere else because the supremacy of the Constitution of Kenya is beyond the pale of such a judicial challenge,” said Mr Havi.

Mr Havi said he had written to the ministries of Interior and the National Treasury as well as the Parliamentary Service Commission to effect their demand that salaries be stopped, and police and security attached to MPs be withdrawn by October 12.

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