Maersk set to deploy more ships to Lamu

Maersk, the Denmark-based shipping giant, says it is ready to deploy regular vessels to Lamu Port if required.

In a statement issued by Africa Communications Manager Kerry Rosser, the firm, which on Thursday sent the first ship, mv Cap Carmel to Lamu Port, said it did so to support the inauguration of the first berth.

The vessel arrived Thursday morning, signalling the operationalisation of the first of Lamu Port South Sudan Transport (Lapsset) project components.

The same company is expected to deploy Mv Seago Bremen Haven as a show of support.

“As Maersk, the solutions and services we offer are centred around our customers’ needs and once a regular call at Lamu is required by our customers, we will then introduce this. We look forward to serving our customers and Eastern Africa people now and well into the future,” said Carl Lorenz, Maersk Eastern Africa managing director.

Two weeks ago, Mr Lorenz told a stakeholders’ meeting at the Lamu Port that his firm would deploy the first vessel to the new facility.

“Maersk is honoured to have a maiden call at the Lamu Port as part of the inauguration and is poised to support our customers in their future growth within Kenya,” he said.

In a statement, Maersk noted that for over three decades, it has been providing ocean liner services to and from Kenya. In 1978, Maersk said it supported Mombasa Port with a maiden vessel call and has done it again at the Lamu Port.

“Maersk considers Kenya an important partner and fully supports the Kenyan government’s endeavours in the development of shipping, maritime, ports and logistics, effectively contributing to the growth of the economy,” he said.

According to the shipping company, Lamu will serve as a gateway to Eastern Kenya, South Sudan and Ethiopia when the port will be fully operational. The other Lapsset projects yet to be implemented are international airports, railway line, highway, resort cities, oil pipeline and an oil refinery.

In March 2012, former President Mwai Kibaki performed the groundbreaking ceremony for the Lapsset project at the present Lamu Port.

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