Makueni MCAs reject Punguza Mizigo bill

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Makueni ward reps joined county assemblies rejecting the Puguza Mizigo bill Tuesday in a heated session punctuated with criticisms on the ‘good intentions’ of Ekuru Aukot who is behind the constitutional review initiative.

The local leaders said that Dr Ekuru Aukot had suggested an unrealistic solution to Kenya’s burdens and that he had not consulted widely.

The motion to reject the bill was moved by Nguumo Ward Rep Alfred Mutuku, who had chaired an ad hoc eleven-member committee tasked by the Assembly Speaker Douglas Mbilu to look into the bill.

The committee noted that reducing the number of elected and nominated leaders as suggested in the bill would disadvantage marginalised groups.

Mr Mutuku was seconded by the Assembly Majority leader, Kyalo Mumo who had an issue with Dr Aukot’s proposal that a president should last only one year seven term. “This one term presidency would make us the first people to practice that so undemocratic system,” said Mr Mumo.

Most of the law makers who spoke at the floor of the House hailed Dr Aukot for being visionary. Thange MCA Nicholas Maitha, who voted to reject the bill, likened Dr Aukot to American’s Martin Luther King and India’s Mahatma Ghadhi whose great visions for their countries took long to materialize.


“What Dr Aukot’s is dreaming of may not see the light of day soon, but probably many years later, people will come to realize that this very good man had a good dream,” he said. They, however, said that he should have consulted widely while creating the initiative.

Those who voted against the bill cited the heavy burden caused by recurrent expenditure that tax payers in the country are forced to shoulder.

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