Malindi Space Station To Play Crucial Role In Relaying Signal To NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope

Malindi Space Station is set to play a crucial role in relaying the first signals to Earth from the James Webb Space Telescope that was launched on Christmas day.

The US$ 9 billion infrared telescope was launched on Saturday morning in South America and it was ferried inside the cargo bay of Ariane 5 rocket.  

The launch was carried live on a joint NASA-ESA webcast. The project has been in the making for years  but has been stalled due torepeated delays and cost over-runs. 

The rocket is due to travel on a 1.5 million kilometre mission to space. In space terminology, the first “contact” is described as the only means of sending commands from a specific location and bringing data back to Earth.

After this is set and done, the Malindi station will revert to a “support” role during the mission.

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