Man hangs on CS Munya’s chopper

Security officials caught napping again as man hangs on Munya’s chopper.

There was a scare at Kiegoi market, Igembe South in Meru when an unidentified man hung on a chopper carrying Agriculture Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya and Eala MP Mpuru Aburi.

When the helicopter took off, residents noticed a man was hanging on the landing gears and shouted at the pilot, alerting him to land.

As the drama unfolded with scared residents shouting at the pilot, Mr Aburi could be seen through the window trying to say something to the crowd that was cheering the man.

He savoured a brief moment as he gestured to the crowd, enjoying the ride. As the pilot landed, he jumped and took off as police officers pursued him.

However, residents intervened and pleaded with the officers not to assault him. He took to his heels and was reported to have gone into hiding.

“Police were baying for his blood and he feared that he was going to be beaten,” said Joseph Kubai, a resident.

Contacted for a comment, Igembe South police boss Mr Hussein Ali said the unidentified man was not arrested, adding that they had let him go since he appeared to be out of his mind.

Cause trouble in the cells

“We did not hold him because we suspected he might cause trouble in the cells, so we let him go,” said Mr Ali.

Mr Munya had just concluded addressing a rally at the market where he drummed up support for Azimio la Umoja One Kenya coalition party presidential candidate Raila Odinga.

In January 2017, a man who was later nicknamed “James Bond” hang on Mr Odinga’s chopper when it took off. Mr Odinga had visited the region for a voter registration drive.

The man also caught security officers by surprise when he clung onto the chopper at Maili Tatu grounds in Igembe Central when the former Prime Minister was taking off to Nairobi.

The pilot landed after about three minutes later at a primary school near Muriri market in Tigania East some 20 kilometres away.

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