Manchester United v Newcastle United Live Commentary & Result, 11/09/2021, Premier League

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Manchester United’s unbeaten start to the season continues and this win takes them to the top of the table. Their attention now turns to the Champions League and their match against Young Boys on Tuesday. Newcastle are still looking for their first win of the campaign, with Leeds United next up for them.
Ronaldo’s brace helps Manchester United to a 4-1 win over Newcastle.
He scored just before the half-time whistle from very close-range before Manquillo pegged them back in the second half. Newcastle were only level for six minutes though before Ronaldo got his second, hitting the shot through Woodman’s legs. Fernandes fired a third in from the edge of the D before Lingard wrapped things up in stoppage time after coming off the bench.
P. Pogba
Manchester United
90′ + 2′ Pogba had a couple of attempts to get the ball into the box and he finally picked out the right one through to Lingard for his second assist of the game.
J. Lingard
Manchester United
90′ + 2′ LINGARD SCORES! It’s a lovely worked goal from Manchester United as they pass it between them in the crowded Newcastle box. Pogba turns away from Almiron before sliding it through to Martial. He steps over it, letting it run through to Lingard, who takes a touch before curling his shot past Woodman. 4-1 Manchester United! 
90′ Joelinton fell when he tried to shield the ball from Pogba and he landed heavily on the bottom of his back. The medical team are on to give him some treatment now and it looks like he’ll be able to carry on.
88′ Manchester United are just happy to keep possession in their own half as we head into the final few minutes of the game. Shaw does try to drive forward down the left, but Pogba slows the pace down again when it’s touched into him.
A. Martial
Bruno Fernandes
Manchester United
85′ And Fernandes is also being taken off, with Martial replacing him.
D. van de Beek
M. Greenwood
Manchester United
85′ Manchester United are making a double change here and Greenwood is the first to make way for Van de Beek.
J. Hendrick
J. Willock
Newcastle United
85′ Final change for Newcastle now, with Hendrick coming on in place of Willock.
J. Lewis
C. Clark
Newcastle United
84′ Second change for Newcastle now and it’s Clark that’s going off for Lewis.
82′ Newcastle try to have an instant response to that third goal, with Ritchie going long for Saint-Maximin down the left. The forward sets off too early this time though and the offside flag goes up against him.
P. Pogba
Manchester United
80′ Pogba had a lot of time on the ball to get his head up before picking out Fernandes and adding another to his assist tally for the season.
Bruno Fernandes
Manchester United
80′ FERNANDES SCORES! It’s a great ball out from De Gea to get the hosts upfield and Greenwood picks out Pogba, who plays in Fernandes. He takes a touch to open up the space before hitting the shot from the edge of the D. It’s a great effort that’s just out of Woodman’s reach and he makes it 3-1 Manchester United! 
79′ Matic gets across to nick the ball of Longstaff, but he trips at the key moment and Newcastle keep hold of it. He slides it into Saint-Maximin, who hits the shot first time, but a big deflection off Maguire sends it wide. 
J. Murphy
Javi Manquillo
Newcastle United
77′ Newcastle are making their first change now and it’s the goalscorer, Manquillo, that’s being replaced by Murphy.
75′ It’s another quick break from Newcastle after Matic loses possession in the middle of the pitch and Willock spreads it out to Manquillo on the right. He fizzes in a good cross from the byline, but Maguire hits his clearance against Joelinton to win a goal-kick.
73′ Manchester United can’t find any space through the middle, so it’s switched out to Greenwood on the right. He curls an early cross into the box, but there’s too much on it and it’s over Ronaldo and Lingard.
71′ Ronaldo (36y 218d) is the oldest player to score a brace in a Premier League match since Graham Alexander for Burnley against Hull City in April 2010 (38y 182d).
69′ Almiron and Joelinton link up well down the left before a deflection takes it back to Saint-Maximin. He goes for goal despite being a long way out and the shot sails high over the crossbar and into the stands.
67′ SAVE! Joelinton plays a one-two with Ritchie down the left and he cuts into the box before getting the return ball. He pulls away from Varane before drilling a shot down the middle, but De Gea is behind it and punches it out for a corner.
J. Lingard
J. Sancho
Manchester United
66′ Solskjaer is making the first change of the game, with Sancho going off for Lingard.
64′ Newcastle are back to sitting deep in their own half as the hosts comfortably keep possession on the halfway line. Wan-Bissaka has space down the right, but when he slides in Fernandes, he can’t get away from Ritchie.
L. Shaw
Manchester United
62′ It was a great run from Shaw through the middle and he gets the ball out of his feet just as Willock gets across to try and dispossess him.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Manchester United
62′ RONALDO SCORES AGAIN! Shaw had so much space through the middle when he was picked out by Pogba and drives forward before slotting it through to Ronaldo. He stayed onside before pulling away from Hayden and he sends his shot through Woodman’s legs and into the back of the net. 2-1 Manchester United! 
P. Pogba
Yellow Card
Manchester United
60′ Pogba turned with the ball but landed on Longstaff’s foot in the process and he’s shown the first yellow card of the game.
58′ Ronaldo’s throughball to Sancho is cut out by Hayden and Newcastle break quickly on the counter again. It’s switched to Almiron on the left and he fizzes a great cross in from the byline, but there’s no one there to get on the end of it.
A. Saint-Maximin
Newcastle United
56′ Saint-Maximin took up a good position on the edge of the box and did well to get it out of his feet before Varane could close him down.
Javi Manquillo
Newcastle United
56′ MANQUILLO EQUALISES! It’s another great counter-attack from Newcastle, with Almiron picking it up on the halfway line and driving forward. He picks out Saint-Maximin, who touches it onto Manquillo and he fires his shot across goal and into the far bottom corner. 1-1! 
54′ It’s squared to Matic in midfield and all the players ahead of him are static. A pocket of space opens up, so he decides to have a shot on goal, but it’s always rising and flies high over the bar.
52′ Ronaldo has scored his first Premier League goal since May 2009 (v Manchester City); his gap of 12 years and 124 days between goals is the second-longest between two strikes by any player in the competition’s history, after Matt Jackson (13y 187d, 1993-2006).
50′ Pogba’s crossfield pass is cut out by Almiron ahead of Sancho, and he switches it out to Saint-Maximin on the left. He whips an early cross into the box, looking for Joelinton, but Varane gets in front of him to intercept it.
48′ Two Newcastle defenders commit as they slide in to try and block Pogba’s shot, but he dummies it before picking out Wan-Bissaka on the right. He fizzes a dangerous, low cross into the six-yard box, but there’s no one there to tap it in.
46′ Manchester United get us back underway for the second half! 
The hosts found it difficult to break down Newcastle for the majority of the half despite having more possession, but Solskjaer will be glad to have the opening goal. Newcastle have looked dangerous on the counter though and if they can improve their final ball, they could cause Manchester United some real problems.
Ronaldo’s goal in stoppage time gives Manchester United a 1-0 lead over Newcastle at half-time. On his second debut for the club, Ronaldo was in the right place when Woodman spilled Greenwood’s shot to tap the ball in from close range. He’d already missed a couple of opportunities, with Varane also coming close for the hosts when he glanced a header wide. At the other end, Ritchie was denied by De Gea while Saint-Maximin dragged one wide.
Cristiano Ronaldo
Manchester United
45′ + 2′ RONALDO SCORES! Greenwood cuts inside from the right before drilling a low shot towards the near post. Woodman is behind it but he spills the ball and it bounces straight into Ronaldo’s feet. He taps it in from very close range to break the deadlock. 1-0 Manchester United!
45′ Almiron switches play out to the left when he’s closed down and Longstaff threads it through for Joelinton ahead of him. He has nowhere to go as he’s closed down by two Manchester United defenders though and eventually puts it out for a goal-kick.
43′ Manchester United are switching it from right to left to try and open up some space in behind Newcastle still. Matic looks for Sancho on the left, but he’s dispossessed by Manquillo when he sets himself for the cross.
41′ Joelinton has gone down off the ball and the referee’s just gone over to check that he’s okay. It’s not clear what happened, but he’s quickly back to his feet and will be able to carry on without needing any treatment.
39′ Matic drives forward for Manchester United on the counter before laying it off to Ronaldo on the right of the box. His shot from a tight angle is blocked by Clark, but Fernandes gets the loose ball. He curls in a lovely cross, but Greenwood just misses it and fouls Woodman in the process.
38′ The hosts are still keeping Newcastle penned deep in their own half at the moment, but the final ball into the box is letting them down. Wan-Bissaka has three in the middle to aim for, but his cross is over everyone’s head and put out by Almiron for a corner.
36′ Newcastle have a free-kick on the right, which Ritchie takes short to Almiron. He whips a deep cross into the box which is flicked on by Maguire, but only as far as Saint-Maximin. He drags at his shot from the edge of the box and sends it wide.
34′ It’s patient play from Manchester United as they try to open up Newcastle, who have everyone sitting deep in their own half. Fernandes powers through the crowd before picking out Ronaldo, who goes to ground, but the referee tells him to get up.
32′ Varane lifts a lovely ball over the top to Fernandes down the right and he tees up Sancho just inside the box. He stretches to control it before hitting the shot, but it’s blocked by Hayden. Maguire’s header is saved by Woodman from the resulting corner.
30′ CHANCE! Ronaldo cuts inside from the left before squaring the ball to Fernandes and he decides to go for goal from range. He drills it towards the far corner and Sancho can’t get the touch he needs to help it into the net.
29′ It’s a poor pass back to Varane from Wan-Bissaka and Saint-Maximin is in the right place to intercept it. He drives to the edge of the box, but both central defenders close him down and he’s crowded off the ball
28′ Fernandes is sold short by a throw-in and Willock is quickly in to nick it off him inside the Manchester United box. His first touch is heavy which forces him into a tight angle before he fires his shot high and wide of the near post.
26′ Fernandes is just inside his own half when he gets his head up and goes for an incredibly audacious long-range shot. Woodman is scrambling back to his line, but there’s not enough dip on the shot and it flies into the stands.
25′ Saint-Maximin steps around Wan-Bissaka before brushing the right-back aside to fizz a dangerous low cross into the six-yard box. It’s just ahead of Joelinton and Shaw has to hook it away at the far post.
23′ Ronaldo’s shot from outside the box is blocked by Clark and the rebound falls for Saint-Maximin, who drives forward on the counter again. Almiron’s shot is blocked by Maguire before falling to Ritchie. He drills a low shot towards the far post, but De Gea holds it.
21′ Another corner for Manchester United and Shaw swings it into the middle, but it’s just over Ronaldo’s head. Maguire knocks it back out to Shaw so they can recycle it, but this cross is straight to Woodman.
19′ CLOSE! Shaw swings a great corner into the near post and Varane is completely unmarked as he makes a run from the middle. He glances his header on and Woodman is wrong-footed, but it bounces just wide on the far side.
17′ Lascelles intercepts Fernandes’ pass into Sancho, but only half clears his lines as Wan-Bissaka picks it up on the right. He pulls it back to Pogba, who curls another first-time cross into the box, but this one is straight into Woodman’s gloves.
15′ Almiron intercepts a loose pass from Pogba and he sets Saint-Maximin on the counter through the middle. He drives forward but is eventually crowded off the ball by the defenders and he can’t pick out Willock.
13′ Saint-Maximin is patiently working his way upfield down the left and holding off the Manchester United players to try and create space. He gets it to Ritchie, who squares it into Joelinton, but he gifts possession back to the hosts.
11′ Sancho taps it into Ronaldo and he feints cutting inside to wrongfoot Willock before driving into the box. He pulls back to get away from Lascelles before hitting the shot from a tight angle and sends it straight into the side netting.
9′ Fernandes cuts inside from the left before curling a good cross into the far post. Ritchie intercepts it in the middle, but it loops up and is falling for Ronaldo. He gets the shot all wrong though as he’s off-balance and hits it wide.
8′ Greenwood lays the ball off to Pogba and he plays a ball over the top of Newcastle’s defence to pick out Fernandes’ run. He has his back to goal but flicks on the header, but it’s heading well wide and no one is following in at the far post.
6′ It’s Newcastle’s turn to attack now, with Ritchie sliding a good throughball forward for Saint-Maximin. He flicks it out to Joelinton on the left and he steps away from Varane to get into the box. Maguire closes him down, but he ends up scuffing at the shot and sending it wide.
4′ Newcastle half clear their lines, with Pogba winning the ball back in midfield. He lifts it over the top to Ronaldo, who nods it down, but he can’t get his feet sorted out quick enough to get a shot away and the offside flag goes up.
2′ Manchester United are knocking the ball around well in the opening minutes and keeping Newcastle penned back in their own half. The hosts work it out to Sancho on the left, but his cross is blocked by Manquillo.
1′ Longstaff gets the game underway for Newcastle!
The teams are out on the pitch now, with kick-off just moments away!
Newcastle have opened the scoring in six of their last eight Premier League meetings with Manchester United, but have gone on to win just two of those (L4).
Bruce makes four changes to his team after their draw with Southampton before the international break, with Manquillo, Hayden, Clark and Joelinton coming into the side. Callum Wilson is missing due to a thigh strain, while Murphy, Fernandez and Schar start on the bench.
Ole Gunnar Solskjaer makes two changes from the side that beat Wolves last time out, with Ronaldo making his second debut for the club as he starts up top. Matic is also brought in and Fred drops to the bench.
NEWCASTLE UNITED SUBS: Fabian Schar, Joe White, Karl Darlow, Jacob Murphy, Jamal Lewis, Federico Fernandes, Dwight Gayle, Jeff Hendrick, Emil Krafth.
NEWCASTLE UNITED STARTING XI (5-3-2): Freddy Woodman; Javier Manquillo, Isaac Hayden, Jamaal Lascelles, Ciaran Clark, Matt Ritchie; Joe Willock, Sean Longstaff, Miguel Almiron; Joelinton, Allan Saint-Maximin.
MANCHESTER UNITED SUBS: Victor Lindelof, Juan Mata, Tom Heaton, Donny van de Beek, Anthony Martial, Jesse Lingard, Fred, Diogo Dalot, Eric Bailly.
MANCHESTER UNITED STARTING XI (4-2-3-1): David de Gea; Aaron Wan-Bissaka, Raphael Varane, Harry Maguire, Luke Shaw; Paul Pogba, Nemanja Matic; Mason Greenwood, Bruno Fernandes, Jadon Sancho; Cristiano Ronaldo.
Manchester United have made an unbeaten start to their season, picking up two wins and a draw in their opening three matches so far. They’ll be looking to continue that run here today, but all eyes will be on Cristiano Ronaldo as he makes his return to the club he left 12 years ago. They face a Newcastle side that are yet to win a game this season in all competitions (D2 L2). Steve Bruce’s team did get their first point of the season last time out before the international break though in a 2-2 draw with Southampton.
Hello and welcome to live coverage of the Premier League meeting between Manchester United and Newcastle United at Old Trafford!

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