Man’s killing sparks fears of resurgence of Matungu gangs

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The killing of a father of twelve in Maira village, Koyonzo Location in Matungu, Kakamega County on Monday night has sparked fears of the possible re-emergence of the bloody killings witnessed in the constituency earlier this year.

The body of Mr Cornelius Kunguru, 58, was found outside C & C Discount Bar behind Koyonzo market, some 100 metres from the local police post.

This was the third killing in a month. Earlier, a 15-year old primary schoolgirl had been defiled, killed and her body set ablaze.

The body of the Standard Seven student was found in the kitchen, with blood oozing from the ears and nostrils. Police have yet to arrest her assailants.

Mr Shaban Anyinya from Bumutu village in Koyonzo was also killed by his nephew after they disagreed on funeral traditions.


Sub-county police chief John Matsili said at the time that Mr Francis Anyinya, 27, had attacked his uncle with a club.

“The suspect disappeared and we are tracing him,” Mr Matsili said.

According to Mr Kunguru’s wife, Ms Saida Omina, her husband of 29 years left home to go to the market at around 2pm on Monday, promising to come back early so that he could finish planting maize on their farm.

“He never came back. Then on Tuesday morning, I was called by a neighbour who informed me that my husband was drunk and lying behind Koyonzo market. I rushed to the scene, nly to discover that he was dead,” said Ms Omina.

She said her husband had bruises all over his face and hands, with blood oozing from his mouth and nostrils.

Mr Kunguru’s younger, brother Stephen Kunguru, said the deceased’s left arm was broken.

“People who live around the bar said there was a lot of noise in the bar on Monday night, meaning there was a struggle when my brother was killed. What surprises us is that the bar is barely 100 metres away from the police post, yet the police never did nothing despite the fracas,” Mr Kunguru said. danger out of the claimed noise,”

The terrified residents now want security officers in Matungu act decisively and with speed to ensure that the mass killings blamed on the 42 Brothers gang do not recur

“We know there has been a total overhaul of the security officers in Matungu. We urge the new officers to come up with new techniques to forestall any further killings,” said Mr Julius Kunguru, a teacher.

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