MCAs to Waiguru: Let’s meet in court

Kirinyaga MCAs have said that their battle to oust Governor Anne Waiguru is not yet over, even after the Senate cleared her of allegations of abuse of office and gross violation of the Constitution.

The ward representatives have now threatened to move to the High Court to challenge the Senate decision.

Through their lawyer Ndegwa Njiru, all the 23 MCAs who voted to impeach Ms Waiguru in a motion moved by the Mutira Ward Representative Kinyua Wangui, said they were not satisfied with the verdict of the Senate.

The MCAs dismissed as untrue the report by the Special Senate Committee that the process of impeachment did not meet the required threshold to kick Ms Waiguru out of office and vowed that they will seek a legal redress.


“My clients were unhappy with what the Senate did and they must go to court to seek justice,” Mr Njiru stated.

The lawyer said the MCAs, and even Kenyans, were shocked by the ruling of the Senate.

“We gave overwhelming evidence to prove that the Governor was not supposed to be in office but the Senate ignored it and cleared her. The Senate has dragged us behind in the battle to ensure there is democracy,” added Mr Njiru.

The MCAs stressed that their battle with the governor, whom they accused of undermining the authority of the Kirinyaga County Assembly, is far from over.

The threats came a day after Ms Waiguru said she had forgiven the ward representatives who impeached her, saying her clearance by the Senate marks a remarkable and historic victory in her political life.


She said that her impeachment was a choreographed plan of events that was aimed at tarnishing her name.

“But I have forgiven the forces behind my impeachment,” she stated.

She called upon the assembly to play its part in ensuring that Kirinyaga moves forward in terms of development.

“Rather than prioritising funds to projects such as building offices for MCAs, the ward representatives should prioritise allocation of funds for the Covid-19 pandemic management and healthcare as proposed by the executive,” she said.

“We have much to do and little time to achieve it. My government remains ready and willing to work with like-minded individuals committed to the service of the residents,” she added.


She said that it was “profoundly clear” that the impeachment process did not meet the required threshold and that is why it was rejected by the Senate.

But she observed that the Senate report’s findings revealed areas of improvement in administration by officers and the need for better checks and balances.

She assured Kirinyaga residents that this will not go unaddressed and the necessary changes and improvement will be made to human resource and systems with the aim of improving service delivery.

She assured the residents that the impeachment process has in no way affected her commitment to serve them.

“I’m more resolved to ensure the residents get the services they deserve. It is unfortunate the political innuendos have robbed the residents of their right to receive services from their leaders but I assure them that I will do my best to ensure that the Kirinyaga rising vision is achieved,” she said in a statement.

She attributed her owes to her support for the Building Bridges Initiative and the handshake between ODM leader Raila Odinga and President Uhuru Kenyatta.


Meanwhile, Narc Kenya leader Martha Karua has congratulated the MCAs “for doing a good job”.

“Although the MCAs were not supported by the Senate, they did well in fighting to protect the resources meant to benefit the residents,” she said.

She appealed to the MCAs not to lose heart after their evidence against the governor was thrown out.

“The MCAs have made us know what is happening in the devolved government. They should continue playing their oversight role without fear so that the resources of the region may be safe,” she added.

Mr Karua assured the MCAs that they have the support of Kenyans and that they should continue to tirelessly fight for the rights of the residents who elected them.

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