Meet Sophia: Beautiful Evil Queen on Citizen TV’s Maria Series

Maria – the Citizen TV drama series, has kept millions of Kenyans glued to their seats every evening and has produced some of the greatest cast that most have come to love and admire.

The antagonist in the series, Sophia, is married to Luwi, who comes from a wealthy family. Beautiful, mean and vengeful are words that could best describe her character in the series.

She, particularly, does not see eye to eye with Maria, the protagonist and a tomboy from the ghetto, who lives with them in the posh property owned by Luwi’s parents, William and Victoria.

Luwi has also fallen in love with Maria and contemplates divorcing Sophia to be with her.

Bridget Shigadi, an actress who plays Sophia on Maria Series that airs on Citizen TV.
Bridget Shigadi, an actress who plays Sophia on Maria Series that airs on Citizen TV.

Describe yourself as both Sophia and Bridget.

Sophia is very daring, always plotting and goes for what she wants, she’s so cunning and evil. She will do anything to get what she wants. Bridget, on the other hand, is quite reserved. I am an introvert, confident though, but soft-spoken.

How did you land a role in Maria?

I was called for the auditions to try out that specific character and that’s how I got the role.

How is your relationship with Maria in real life?

We get along with Maria unlike what most people assume when they see us on TV. Funny enough, we both have such a hard time shooting our scenes because most of the time, we burst out laughing when either prepping for our scenes or doing our lines.

Brian Ogana and Bridget Shighadi on a poster for Maria that airs on Citizen TV from Monday to Friday at 7:30 p.m.
Brian Ogana and Bridget Shighadi on a promo poster for Maria that airs on Citizen TV Mondays to Fridays at 7:30 p.m.

Do people you meet in real life take you for who you are in the series?

Yes, of course, I’ve met some people who would say how much they hate me on the series, though, their thoughts and feelings change immediately they meet me because they get to see the difference and understand that it’s only an act.

Does Sophia the character relate to who you are in real life? If not, describe who Bridget is.

Sophia is so evil and very uptight, she’s ready to kill anyone in her way just to get what she wants. Bridget is by far a very different person. I don’t have such guts in real life, I’m very shy, easy-going and quite soft-spoken, unlike Sophia who says whatever comes to mind.

Do you watch yourself on TV?

I hate it, very occasionally, I’ll watch myself only if I’m not sure of a scene that I did. I do my best when shooting and leave the rest to God.

What is your most memorable scene so far?

It actually aired last night (on Wednesday, January 8). In the scene, I’m in hospital fighting for my life, I was so calm when doing these scenes but emotionally they were so draining. I remember calling my mum immediately after it aired and we even spoke after they aired cause for her seeing me in that state (though it’s only acting) really breaks her heart.

Who do you love most in the series?

I love everyone in that show. We are all one big family. On and offset.

What did you study at the university?

I studied public relations at the University of Nairobi then ventured into fashion and design.

Luwi (left), Sophia(M) and Maria(R) in a past episode of Citizen TV's drama series Maria.
Luwi (left), Sophia(M) and Maria(R) in a past episode of Citizen TV’s drama series Maria.

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