Members vote to send LSK CEO Mercy Wambua on compulsory leave

The Law Society of Kenya (LSK) members on Saturday, June 26 voted to send CEO Mercy Wambua on compulsory leave, effective immediately.

One hundred and eighteen (118) members voted in favour of the motion, while 16 opposed it.

Thirty-three (33) of the 118 voted physically while 85 raised their hands in a virtual conference.

All the 16, who voted against Wambua’s suspension, did so virtually.

The members also voted to have the CEO’s position filled within 45 days from Saturday, June 26 after Wambua is given a fair hearing.

One hundred and thirty-three (133) of the members voted in favour of filling the position within 45 days, while none of the members opposed the motion.

In October last year, Wambua was reinstated to her position by Council members after LSK President Nelson Havi suspended her in mid-September over alleged gross misconduct and incompetence.

Wambua, who was facing 17 charges of gross misconduct and incompetence, said there were no sharp divisions within the LSK but only differences of opinion based on the interpretation of the law.

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