Miguna ‘wipes the floor’ with Oguna on live TV – Nairobi News

Miguna Miguna on Wednesday night made Government Spokesman Colonel (retired) Cyrus Oguna look like an ‘amateur’ communicator, as he poked holes on the latter’s attempt to justify the exiled Kenyan lawyer’s current tribulations abroad.

The two were involved in a heated debate on Citizen TV’s JKL Show over the red alert issued by the Kenyan government prohibiting Miguna’s return to Kenya.

Miguna was speaking from Berlin, Germany via Skype while Oguna had been invited to the show by host anchor Jeff Koinange on phone.

“Miguna was unruly and that went against international regulations put there by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) annexe 17 which prohibits any unruly passengers to travel,” Oguna said, while urging Miguna to visit any Kenyan Embassy abroad and renew his expired passport.

But the self-declared NRM General rebuffed the offer on grounds of his personal safety.

He gave an example of Saudi government critic Jamal Khashoggi who was assassinated in October 2018 after visiting the Saudi Arabia Embassy in Istanbul.


Miguna further reprimanded Col. Oguna for asking him to acquire a visa, yet he is a Kenyan by birth, while also demanding that the government obeys the law.

“A court order must be obeyed by everyone if we’re going to live by the rule of law. No one is above the law, the president is not above the law, Oguna is not above the law, Miguna is not above the law. So when the court says Miguna is a Kenyan citizen that never lost his citizenship, you must accept what the court has said,” Miguna said.

And for good measure, Miguna branded Oguna as an untrained propagandist who should not be in the government.

“Oguna should have remained in the military, a military man is not an effective propagandist. Oguna is not a trained propagandist and will not be able to serve this government,” said Miguna.

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