Miss Mandi issues public apology

Having been mentioned heavily for the past few days following accusations that she was toxic and a bully at work, media personality Mandi Sarro, popularly referred to as Miss Mandii, has come out to set the record straight.

The genesis of her troubles was when one Gitobu Koome responded to her tweet on accountability by saying Mandi ‘constantly terrorized him’ the entire time they worked together.

Through a statement shared online, Mandi stated that she does not recall the many experiences recounted online but acknowledged that there are some things she might have done that impacted her colleagues negatively.

“As I grow older I have ensured to continuously correct my behaviour at the earliest opportunity and learn from my past mistakes and interactions. Although this entire conversation has taken a life of its own, I still see this as another opportunity for self-improvement and I do not intend to waste it,” she wrote.

Mandi apologized to all those she might have wronged through her actions and words, stating that it was never her intention.

“I apologise. I feel terrible that some of my actions could have caused those who have interacted with me such distress because that is not who I am now or what I stand for.”

Miss Mandi

She also opined on the tweet that sparked the whole ‘bullying conversation’, maintaining that she stands by those words but the situation could have been handled better.

Taking positives out of the incident, Mandi said it highlighted the importance of healthy avenues to resolve workplace conflicts.

“I cannot underestimate how important it is to create safe workspaces for all I come into contact with.

“So I pray and hope that anyone who may have been hurt by previous colleagues will find new ways to address those conflicts which allow them to be genuinely resolved,” she wrote, adding that she will work on constantly become a better version of herself.

This comes just hours after TV and radio personality Amina Abdi Rabar also apologized after she was accused on Twitter of being a bully.

Amina – the host of NTV’s The Trend – told her viewers that “it is unfortunate that her name was pulled and dragged among some people who had a lot of proof and receipts that they are not easy to work with”.

Amina said she is sorry to anyone she may have ever encountered, who felt they did not get the ‘reception that they hoped for’, and were hurt.

“That, I apologize for, but toxic? I am not,” said Amina after reading a statement where she stated that she was not going to shy away from the conversation just because she was trending.

She continued, “I do show people a lot of love, social media – I don’t know.”

Amina Abdi [Courtesy]

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