Money from ‘sponsors’ cursed, says Bongo actress Jacqueline Wolper

There is no cursed money than those sourced from a man using his deep pockets to woo a woman. This is according to celebrated Bongo movies actress Jacqueline Wolper Massawe.

Speaking to Global Publishers, Wolper warned that while it is common to see women chase and fall head over heels, smitten by endowed men, there is no happiness to it.

Wolper explained that she has expunged every notion from her mind that anchor towards a life of dependency on men.

The entrepreneur said she is concentrating on expanding her portfolio and growing her fashion business based in Sinza-Makaburini, Dar es Salaam for financial freedom and peace.

“Mimi mambo ya kusubiria pesa za kuhongwa, niliyafuta kabisa kwenye kichwa changu ndiyo maana nimekuwa na nguvu ya kufanya kazi zangu kwa umakini. Mimi pesa za kuhongwa sizitaki kabisa kwani zimejaa mikosi,” said Wolper.

This is a huge departure from her 2019 declaration that she only engages with men who can sustain her lifestyle having struggled with broke suitors in the past.

“Broke and uncouth men were the ones who troubled my life and made me restless in the past. Currently, I only deal with a man who gives me Tsh10 million (Ksh453, 000) and above. In short, I am living life in the fast lane,” said the 32-year-old star.

In an interview with Amani newspaper in 2019, the actress opened a can of worms after she sensationally claimed that many Tanzanian male celebrities are social climbers.

Wolper, in the no holds barred revelation, said a number of actresses have chosen not to date for fear of men who are out to use them as ladders to stardom.

“Many actresses in Tanzania have opted to grow their careers instead of giving marriage a thought. That’s why – in some instances – five years would end without you seeing any female movie star tying the knot,” added the actress.

She went ahead to disclose that her failed relationship with ex Wasafi Classic Baby star Rajab Abdul Kahali alias Harmonize hurt her the most.

“As a couple, we never had an issue posting photos of us together on social media. However, when Harmonize asked me not to post photos of my birthday party, which he threw for me, I was suspicious.

“I later learnt he was back with his ex-girlfriend,Sarah… I don’t want to talk much about my ex-relationship with Harmonize, but of all my relationships, he hurt me the most.”

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