MP Sudi: President Uhuru is treating DP Ruto like a squatter

Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi has hit out at President Uhuru Kenyatta for mistreating his deputy William Ruto and those close to him (the DP).Sudi (pictured) claimed President Uhuru had ordered for the arrest of Emurua Dikirr MP Johana Ngeno of his remarks against him.

“We understand police have been sent to arrest Ng’eno for saying Kenya doesn’t belong to the President, we want to condemn the imminent arrest and tell him to leave the MP alone,” he said.

Sudi warned that DP Ruto’s allies are unhappy with the way they are being harassed by the government and that they will not take in anymore mistreatment.

“We don’t owe you any political debt, we voted for you four times in 2002, 2013, and 2017 as a region but you have paid back with disdain. Please leave us alone,” Sudi said in a video posted on his Facebook page on Monday.

He dared the President to arrest all politicians allied to Ruto, saying they are ready for anything.
Sudi said Kenya is for all Kenyans and not for one individual, adding that they will not be gagged by the government.

“Kenya does not belong to anyone even the President, we all have a right to be in this country,” he said in his video.

He accused President Uhuru of mistreating his deputy and his allies despite helping him to win in the presidency.
“Ruto looks like a squatter in the government he helped formed, it is so painful and we are bitter with the president,” he added.

“You send your Cabinet Secretaries to insult Ruto daily, we are tired.”

Ng’eno had earlier called on the President to resign saying he has failed to work with his deputy.
“Uhuru should work with his deputy but if cannot, go home, Kenya does not belong to you, resign”.

Ngeno dared President Uhuru to arrest him for speaking his mind and defending DP Ruto.

“Kenya belongs to Kenyans, you cannot rule us the way you want, and if you want to jail us, go ahead,” he said.
Ng’eno also cautioned President Uhuru against endorsing any presidential candidate in 2022, saying he should finish his term and go home.

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