MSNBC’s Chris Matthews Undergoes Surgery For Prostate Cancer

Chris Matthews, the host of MSNBC’s longrunning “Hardball,” is currently off-air after undergoing surgery for prostate cancer last week.

Matthews’ temporary replacement Steve Kornacki announced the news on Monday night’s episode of the talk show.

“Before we go tonight, Chris hasn’t been here the last few nights and he wanted to let you know why,” he explained. “Chris is recovering from prostate cancer surgery last week.”

“The procedure went well but he’s taking a few days to get back into fighting shape,” Kornacki added. “I know he’s looking forward to getting back very soon.”

Matthews, 73, has diabetes. In 2002, he was hospitalized with malaria, which he believed himself to have contracted during a trip to Africa. He also took time off in 2008 to recover from pneumonia.

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