Munya says those opposed to war on graft making most noise

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Trade Cabinet Secretary Peter Munya has hit out at opponents of the ongoing war on corruption, saying that those opposed to the arrests of senior government officials “are beneficiaries of graft”.

Mr Munya hit out at Kapseret MP Oscar Sudi after the legislator accused him of fixing those arrested over the Kimwarer and Arror dams scandal.

Speaking in Laare and Mailitatu in Meru on Sunday during his second day of development meetings, Mr Munya said he will not be cowed from backing President Uhuru Kenyatta’s war on corruption.

“The President is clear that corruption is the greatest impediment to development by the government. We will not be shaken by those opposing the war on graft. They should leave me alone; if someone is afraid, they should not clutch on me,” Mr Munya said.

He said the Jubilee administration is keen on stamping out corruption and divisions that have crippled government operations for long.

Mr Munya said the politics of division will be addressed through a referendum by expanding the executive to create room for more Kenyans.

“This is why those who bank on war and divisions to get votes are opposed to the handshake. But the era of politics of corruption and tribalism has come to an end,” he said.

He said several stalled road projects in Meru will be speeded up and dams that were allocated little money expanded to serve more people.

“The president has declared war on corruption because this is what is stalling development. We have seen billions of shillings pumped into dams that do not exist. He cannot achieve the Big Four agenda with graft,” Mr Munya said.

He said politicians who are opposing the crackdown on graft suspects “have their hand in the cookie jar”.

“We have heard some people making noise in support of the suspects. These are individuals who have their mouths in the pot. This is why the President needs public support to clean up the country and facilitate development,” Mr Munya said.

The CS reiterated that President Kenyatta remains the region’s kingpin and that Mt Kenya region will rely on his direction on the 2022 politics.

He said the three-day meetings in Meru were sanctioned by the President who wants to see stalled projects revived across the country.

“Those talking about 2022 are not taking us anywhere. We should allow leaders to implement development programmes and when the time comes, the President will give us direction. I will be right inside the President’s circle when the decision will be made,” said Mr Munya.

On the Deputy President William Ruto assassination plot, Mr Munya maintained that the claims were lies against him.

He said there are individuals using the assassination claims to salvage their political careers.

“If you are afraid, do not think that if you make false allegations you will be helped. Things have changed and you cannot change anything through lies,” he said.

Mr Munya’s allies including Eala MP Mpuru Aburi, former Tigania West MP David Karithi, and Meru County Assembly Minority Leader Ayub Bundi, among other MCAs, told off Mr Sudi over his recent remarks against the CS and the President.

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