Murang’a MCAs reject Punguza Mizigo bill

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Members of the Muranga County Assembly have rejected Ekuru Aukot’s Punguza Mizigo bill which seeks to amend the 2010 Constitution to reduce the public wage bill by cutting the number of elective seats.

With no member supporting the bill, the ward reps in a record of 45 minutes said the Dr Ekuru’s proposals would reduce the gains made by the 2010 constitution such as nomination of MCAs in relation to gender and marginalised communities.

Led by Nominated MCA Habire Chege, the MCAs accused Dr Aukot of coming up with a populist bill without consulting Kenyans saying  if passed, the bill could see some communities not being represented in the leadership positions.

“If such a bill goes through, minority communities like Muslims in Muranga and young people will never clinch to leadership positions and we must reject it in totality,” Mr Habire said.

On his part Gaturi MCA Kiiru Mbembe said although the bill is labelled Punguza Mizigo, its only intention was to excite Kenyans to rally behind the bill noting its contents were to the detriment of the Kenyan people.


“There was no public participation done to allow Kenyans to scrutinize and know the contents of bill, purporting to reduce seven constituencies into one can’t create proper representation to the people of Muranga, people are excited about the bill but they don’t know its contents,” he said.

Ichagaki Ward MCA Charles Mwangi Ng’an’ga noted that the bill did not address the division on revenue allocation refuting claims that by obtaining over a million signatures the bill underwent public participation.

“We have pressing issues in our country like the historical injustices, post- election violence and the contentious issues of division of revenue allocation, Aukot bill did not address such issues and therefore it should not see the light of the day,” Mr Ng’ang’a said.

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