My friends abandoned me when I was sacked

The renowned radio presenter made the claim in an interview with city preacher Robert Burale on Switch TV.

He further stressed he needed a shoulder to lean on during the tough times but not many were forthcoming.

“Not everyone you break bread with, not everyone you associate with, not everyone you spend your time with will be the same people who are going to come to your aid when you need it or need them,” he said.

Adding, “All my life I have never had a situation so tough that could I could not be able to handle by myself. I have been able to overcome every challenge and every situation without asking for help. But this time things were really bad.”

Shaffie however said the challenge was a lesson for him to know who was true to him.

“There are many, actually a majority of the people who I expected to stand by me or have my back walked away. I’m not even judging, and I don’t have an issue with strangers, haters, or friends. I’m cool with it because, at the end of the day, the only time you will know your true value and connect with the people around you is when you’re in serious problems,” he added.

Shaffie and his co-hosts, Joseph Munoru (DJ Joe Mfalme) and Neville Musya, were fired for reportedly demeaning a woman who is said to have been thrown off a building after she declined sexual advances from a man she met on Facebook.

The presenter has since then threatened to sue his former employer for unfair and unlawful termination of his employment while demanding Sh21 million in damages.

In its countersuit to Shaffie, Radio Africa Group and its subsidiary Homeboyz Radio 2017 Limited said it would sue him and ask the court to award it damages of Sh150 million for loss of business and reputational damage to the companies’ 15-year-old and 20-year-old brands.

A week ago, it however emerged that Shaffie was not going to sue RAG as long as he gets compensation based on his contract and years of service.

“I did not sue them (RAG), I just sent them a demand note for my dues. I was working for a company I made millions for, for decades. The issue is this, I have all my benefits and the things I need them to pay me, and I’m good. I have no issue with the company,” Shaffie said in a conversation with What’s Your Story host Catherine Mwangi in KTN.

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