Nabos Bistro for a modest Valentine’s

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Nabos Bistro for a modest Valentine’s


Of course you are looking for a Valentine’s Day plan. Somewhere you won’t meet everybody wearing red and chewing on a rose flower. Somewhere not too ostentatious. But also remarkable. A place your date can go, “Hmm, this is actually very lovely. How did you learn of this place?” There is a new place called Nabos Bistro in Kilimani near Lavington. It’s on a narrow deserted road that nobody ever sees. It’s called Olenguruone Road.

Once in there, it’s as leafy as they get. Big-trunked trees covering the whole place. Birds. There is a simple canopied restaurant, designed to embrace the chasm nature offers. Next to it is a bar, also open-designed, long stools as well as short tables. Then woodwork is brilliant.

It’s owned by siblings. I met one of them, Joy. She’s the chef and she makes mean tacos and lamb. (That’s what I had). The restaurant was her long-time dream. It took years of landscaping and designing and coming up with the menus and finally two months ago it was ready and now here we are.

If you want a drink you can sip some wine at the bar area. The barman asks you if you prefer to play your own music from their Bluetooth speakers. If you don’t, he plays what he loves. He loves Lovers Rock reggae which you wouldn’t imagine how stirring can get when you are drinking in the “woods.”

I can imagine how romantic it can be over Valentine’s, because it’s the least likeliest place you want to have Valentine’s because it’s not pretentious.


Which incidentally is what love should, unpretentious, authentic and airy. But also if you don’t have Valentine’s but you happen to have a date there on that day because you are the type who don’t keep tabs of these things, it won’t look like you are thinking of love.

It will just look like you have a great taste in places one can eat and drink.

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