Nakuru beauty queen warming Otile Brown’s heart

His love affair with Vera Sidika was widely publicised, and in his confession, singer Otile Brown admitted that the relationship elevated his public image. The two dominated showbiz headlines as they made love escapades outside the country, exposing their love affair in a way no other celebrity couple dared to. So deep was this bond that they even made songs together.

Despite the bitter breakup, one that attracted war of words, both have since moved on and all that is behind them. Otile Brown and Vera happen to both come from Mombasa, where they each relocated to on business ventures.

Vera Sidika and Otile Brown.

And not too long ago, Otile Brown caused a little stir after referring to Hamisa Mobetto as ”baby” even as the world knew that he had moved on with Ethiopian model Nabayet. However, there is a new flame in town warming the Watoto na Pombe singer’s heart.

A little bird tells Standard Entertainment and Lifestyle that the two have become so tight in the last few weeks that Elizabeth cannot stop talking about the singer.

Elizabeth, who also has a hand in some furnished apartments in the Kilimani area, is from a well off family. “Of good friends…” Elizabeth captions on her latest photos with Otile. “Say hi babe,” one Jankokayia teases on the Instagram post. “I will…,” Elizabeth responds.

Otile Brown and Nabayet. (Courtesy)

Last year, Otile Brown broke up with Nabayet, but the two got back together after a few months. However, not so much has been heard of the two since he released a love song dedicated to her.

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