Nema to assess B Club’s noise compliance in row with residents – Nairobi News

“Nema has scheduled to visit the facility tomorrow (Wednesday) because earlier we had given them a number of conditions and in their (B Club) briefing, they have said they have complied and we have to ascertain that. The inspection team will be there tomorrow,” Nema Director General, Mamo Boru Mamo, told the Nation.

While addressing the press, the club’s management said they had invested millions of shillings to comply with the directives issued by Nema before the club was closed.

“B Club has complied with the directives given by Nema by making sure that we installed all that was required to ensure that we are at par with Nema,” B Club’s sound engineer, identified as Marcos, said.

The acoustic panels installed across the walls and the initial windows of the club are designed to absorb sounds and prevent any noise leakage to the residential homes that are close to the club.

The entire floor surface was also heavily tufted to absorb any noise coming from dancing revellers.

B Club sound engineer Marcos addressing journalists on October 13, 2020.He said that the club had complied with the laid down requirements on noise pollution. PHOTO | EVANS HABIL

Decided to move to court

Kilimani Project Foundation Chairperson, Irungu Houghton said area residents had complained several times to the Kilimani night clubs with no success. That is when they decided to move to court.

“The noise pollution from Kilimani clubs has been a challenge to residents from as far back as 2016 and several of them had refused to have a conversation with residents about the same. We secured a court order to close down the four clubs namely B Club, Kiza, Travellers and the Space Lounge in 2019,” Mr Irungu said.

Whereas the club said that they were waiting for Nema’s approval to operate, Kilimani Project Foundation has accused B Club of reopening on October 3 before getting a nod from the court.

“Whereas the other three clubs are not yet reopened, B Club has reopened and we wonder why they have violated the court order issued last year,” Mr Irungu charged.

Nema boss, however, said he was not aware of the club’s reopening as their official records show that it should be closed.

His sentiments were echoed by B Club management who said that they were waiting for Nema’s inspection before they are allowed to reopen.

“We have been closed for almost a year now and after all these installations, we are confident that Nema will approve our reopening as soon as possible,” Marcos said.

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