New institute to set standards for career guidance professionals


New institute to set standards for career guidance professionals

CGI founder and chairperson Margaret Waithaka. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

The government has approved establishment of a new institution to develop a curriculum and set standards for career guidance and counselling professionals.

The Career Guidance Institute (CGI) is expected to address skills mismatch in the local labour market that is teeming with unemployed graduates. The institute will also certify and license professionals in the segment.

CGI founder and chairperson Margaret Waithaka said a homegrown curriculum would help Kenya produce professionals who understand the local business environment as they guide youth in choosing careers.

“While career guidance has grown in stature in Kenya in recent years, we have a long way to go to attain a professional cadre of career guidance counsellors who can touch the lives of all our students. We are pleased that CGI will institutionalise the practice thereby enabling career guidance to thrive independently,” she said.

Mental health expert Florence Ambayo, a CGI board member, said homegrown curriculum equip career guidance practitioners with the relevant skills required to prepare young people for the demanding labour market.


“A successful career guidance produces informed, inspired youth who will feel empowered to pursue their career path. Once empowered, Kenya’s youth can be better prepared for the job and business opportunities of the future,” said Ms Ambayo.

Individuals and organisations involved in career guidance in Kenya as well as practitioners who are yet to acquire formal training in the field are eligible for the CGI programme.

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