New progression system will not leave out E graders – Kilemi Mwiria

About 604,021 candidates, who sat the 2020 KCSE exam but failed to get minimum university entry qualification of Grade C+, have been assured of academic progression.

Kenya National Qualifications Authority (KNQA) chair Dr Kilemi Mwiria said the candidates have many training opportunities lined up for them.

“The KNQA allows candidates to progress to the next level,” said Dr Mwiria.

An analysis of the KCSE exam results indicates 143,140 candidates scored Grade C+ and above.

But Dr Mwiria said the remaining candidates are eligible to join Technical and Vocation Education Training (TVET) institutions, teacher training colleges, medical training colleges and other tertiary learning institutions to undertake various courses.

Dr Mwiria, a former Higher Education, Science and Technology assistant minister, said KNQA Regulations 2018 allow learners who scored E in Form Four to study up to doctorate level.

Such learners, he said, must start with an artisan certificate taking six months and worth a minimum of 60 credit value which will allow progress to the next level.

The regulations also provide that those studying for diplomas must have a C- grade in KCSE or its equivalent as determined by the authority, a certificate of experiential learning issued by the authority or on completion of a certificate.

The course takes two years with 240 credits while those taking a craft certificate course are required to have a D (plain) in KCSE and have to study for one year, earning a minimum of 120 credits.

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