Ngina Kenyatta’s Huduma Namba moment captures public attention – Nairobi News

President Uhuru Kenyatta’s daughter Ngina Kenyatta, has excited the online community after joining the bandwagon of prominent people registering for the National Integrated Identity Management System NIIMS.

A picture shared by Homeboyz Radio captures Ms Ngina getting her finger prints taken by an officer at State House.

In the picture, Ngina appears radiant with a bright smile on her face. True to her nature she had on her usual casual look with her natural hair tied back in a bun.

The picture gave Kenyans on Twitter a rare glimpse of the first daughter who is known to shy away from the public eye.

Bosi bori tweeted, “Hadi officer ndio anasimama kweli Kenya ina wenyewe.”

Kennlitoe Wanjiru said, “They went to her house ‘State House’ while we’re visiting the chiefs camp. They are called lanes.”

MkalaFull wrote, “Don’t know what services she could require from GoK but hey.”

Big spoon commented, “Someone confirm kama line ya Huduma Number statehouse is long? I want to go register at 4pm.”

Bennytothedj asked, “Ayayayaya ngina amekuwa mkubwa btw ako na bwana? Asking for a friend?”

President Uhuru Kenyatta officially launched the registration exercise on Tuesday by registering his own Huduma Namba before flagging off distributions of NIIMS registration kits to all the 47 counties.

The project seeks to identify all Kenyan citizens through a unique primary identifier and President Kenyatta assured Kenyans the information shared with the government will be secured.

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