No, Magoha wrong on no country building extra classes

While making a case why postponing reopening of school was not an option, Education Cabinet Secretary George Magoha encouraged innovation even if it means having classes under trees.

With schools set to open on January 4, many parents are still not assured of their children’s safety in learning institutions that were crowded prior to Covid-19.

Magoha said that no country had built more classes to ensure the much needed social distance for curbing the spread of the coronavirus.

“There is no country in the world where new classrooms have been built because of the Covid-19 pandemic,” said the CS on December 30.

This statement is FALSE

The tough-talking professor was speaking at Mjini Primary School in Murang’a during an inspection too.

In June, Rwanda launched a resilient and ambitious plan to construct 22,505 new classrooms nationwide to reduce overcrowding at primary and secondary schools.

The East African country has delivered on the plan spreading the new facilities across 30 districts.

According to the New Times of Rwanda, of the total 22,505 classrooms, 17,414 will be for primary schools, 3,591 for secondary schools and the remaining 1,500 classrooms will be for nursery schools.

The Sh29.3 billion project was covered by both the Government as well as the World Bank’s credit financing to reduce overcrowding in schools, training teachers and construction of Teachers Training Colleges (TTCs).

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