No, Raila has not been airlifted to China for treatment

Numerous social media users have shared a claim that former Prime Minister and opposition chief Raila Odinga was yesterday flown to China for cancer treatment.

According to the claim, Mr Odinga was accompanied by his daughter Winnie Odinga and a male aide to China.

Many others have also circulated a letter alleging to give clarification on the claim.
“…Raila Odinga complained of chest pains and increased eye sore on the evening of 21st June 2020. His personal doctor was called and he was dyagonised (sic).

After further diagnosis, it was decided that he be airlifted to China where his other personal doctor stays,” the letter, carrying the logo of the orange party, read.

It added that Mr Odinga was in stable condition and responding well to treatment.

“He is even scheduled to attend to some of his duties via video conference.”

“We urge Kenyans to remain calm as the situation is under control. The Kenyan Government is fully handling the matter and another brief will be given by Government spokesperson in due course.”

The letter appears to have been signed by ODM Secretary general Edward Sifuna.

‘Work of sick people’

ODM Director of Communication Philip Etale has dismissed the claim as fake news, saying it was the work of “sick people who have run out of ideas.”

Etale said Mr Odinga was in Kinshasa, DRC in his capacity as the AU High Representative for Infrastructure Development in Africa for the virtual Pan African Conference on the Grand Inga Dam.

“The project aims to unlock the world’s largest hydropower scheme in Africa,” Etale said on Twitter.

Mr Odinga also posted on the same, with many questioning why he had to travel Kinshasa, some 3,655.7 km away, for a virtual conference.

ODM Secretary General has also disowned the letter purporting to be from him and said it was fake.

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