Nothing wrong with politics in church: AIPCA bishops

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The African Independent Pentecostal Church of Africa (AIPCA) will not stop politicians from politicking in their churches, archbishops Samson Muthuri and Fredrick Wang’ombe have declared.

This is contrary to the position taken by the Catholic Church which recently instructed its priests to bar politicians from turning the pulpit into political podiums.

In a resolution of the Conference of Catholic Bishops, the church said it must remain true to the religion, adding that politicians should politick elsewhere.

But the AIPCA leaders and an official, Mr Bernard Mwangi, said they will not stop politicians because their church was founded on a political platform.

“The church (AIPCA) is not scared of politics because it was established through a political platform. We always support the government of the day,” said Mr Muthuri in Muthuaini Tetu, Nyeri.

Mr Wang’ombe and Mr Mwangi said the largest indigenous church will continue working closely with politicians since religion and politics are inseparable.

“If they are denied a platform, let them come to AIPCA; we will provide it,” said Mr Mwangi, who is the church’s assistant secretary.

His sentiments were echoed by the church’s chancellor Kirima Nguchine.

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