Nyashiski Headlines ‘Destination Africa Festival’ And Kenyans React.

Kenyan rapper Nyamari Ongegu, better known as Nyashinski, closed out the ‘Destination Africa Festival’ at Ngong Racecourse, where Nigerian superstar Adekunle Gold was scheduled to headline, and Kenyans are overjoyed.

Nyashinski, on Nov 7, announced through Instagram that he was going to be the last act at the festival, but  amid recent online debate sparked  by Comedian Eric Omondi, about Kenyan artists merely curtain raising for international artists, this was in doubt.

“For those asking, Gaance ndio anafunga show” Nyashinski said.

Furthermore, on Friday, the rapper revealed that he had a throat illness, putting not only the headlining act, but also the entire performance, in jeopardy.

“FAITH is required in this situation! I’ve had an action-packed week of rehearsals in preparation for the Destination Africa Festivals “Nyashinski penned

“Unfortunately, I caught an infection yesterday that has contaminated my throat and is jeopardizing my performance.” Nyashinski continued.

The rapper did, however, make it to the ‘Destination Africa Festival,’ where he opened for Nigerian musician Adekunle Gold.

Nyashinski did not disappoint in the least.

The ‘Mungu pekee’ hit-maker’s performance was so electrifying that he left netizens asking for more Kenyan artists to headline concerts that bring in international artists.

These are some of the reactions from Kenyans on twitter:

@_CrazyNairobian – “Nyashinski is performing last I’m hearing. Standard ya quality that one… KEBS mwenyewe”

@QueenGathoni – “Let me tell you Maina, Nyashinski DELIVERED every damn thing! Wueh!!! Standard ya quality!”

@jamrick_  – “I know my Goat when I see one, Nyashinski”

@Splenyoo – Lemme tell you maina, Nyashinski DELIVERED!!!!!!!!!!!

@nzioki_sandra – “Nyashinski’s performance!!! Can we please have more Kenyans headlining these concerts?”

@aceyolives – “For the final act, it was an unmeasurable time of connection for Nyashinski’s performance! Raising hands the crowd singing along to all his songs, demanding more of his stage presence, the fierce band, crowd chanting Nyash’s name, iconic”

@faith_korir – “Recap: Show ilikua ya nyashinski!He was a BIG deal. Loved loved loved his performance. Also realised ukikaa VVIP hufai kudance. Best way to end the year walai!”

@Aleckeei – “Adenkunle has good music, but once Nyashinski step’s on that stage .People will forget who adenkunle is. & I love the fact @RealShinski has stood firm on not curtain raising. As an artist you should know your worth/Value & never settle for less. It’s your art so your rules.”

@TheDapperBro – “Aah that Nyashinski gig was EVERYTHING!!! Standard ya quality!”

@ShankiAustine – “If i get to lose my phone today i won’t regret. Nyashinski’s perfomance was worth more than my phone.”

@Akinyi_711 – “That concert was worth all my coins amd I’m so glad not to be tweeting the opposite! Immaculate vibes all the way!! The entire line-up did the damn ting! Especially Nyashinski”

@GladysMbogo2 – “The versatility of Nyashinski in music has no match. Good guy can do any genre of music, he is the GOAT.”

@SimplyBenedictt – “Curtain raising in your own country sounds stupid. What Nyashinski pulled should be emulated by every other creative. Viva!!”

@brianyator_  – “AG was good but people were singing Nyashinski to save their lives Face with tears of joy. GUY BROUGHT THE HOUSE DOWN what an eventful event.”

@AsnathGateri – “Nyashinski stole the show”

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