Obado says his rivals plan to use police to cause chaos in assembly

The battle for Migori County took a new turn yesterday after Governor Okoth Obado alleged a scheme to use security agencies to intimidate his allies.

Obado claimed there are plans to use the police and investigative agencies to threaten ward representatives and county officials opposed to plans by ODM to have him impeached.

The embattled governor claimed he was privy to a weekend meeting in Kisii town where Migori Senator Ochillo Ayacko allegedly met MCAs to give them an ultimatum to either support the ouster or be ready to face the consequences.

Obado (pictured) claimed that during the Kisii meeting chaired by Ayacko, a 10-point impeachment motion was drafted with the help of a former magistrate.

“The senator met MCAs and fake party delegates to discuss the motion. He told them to toe the line or face the consequences. They are also scheming to oust Speaker Boaz Okoth and take unspecified action against MCAs,” Obado told The Standard.

The governor claimed his rivals plan to use the police to cause chaos in the Assembly so that they can interfere with voting in the event the motion is finally tabled. The impeachment, sanctioned by ODM days after he was charged with graft has stalled for two weeks, amid tension and anxiety in Migori.

“If due process is followed, the impeachment motion will be dead on arrival. Ayacko should keep off and respect the autonomy of the county assembly,” Obado said, adding that ODM should not use the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission and Directorate of Criminal Investigations to intimidate his supporters.

“The senator has never been loyal to ODM. He has defected from the party twice, in 2013 and 2017. He cannot purport to be at forefront of ODM affairs in Migori,” said the governor.

Ayacko, who unsuccessfully ran against Obado in 2017, said the governor should carry his own cross. He also said he was not aware of any such plan, and termed the claims idle curiosity.

“I wonder how anyone would want me to start commenting on what I can only refer to as idle curiosity,” Ayacko said.

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