ODM denies a pre-election deal between Raila, Kalonzo

The Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) has denied having any pre-election deal with Wiper Democratic Movement leader Kalonzo Musyoka ahead of the 2022 General Election.

ODM Secretary-General Edwin Sifuna said the Orange party was not privy to such a pact or deal in the making between the two parties.

Kalonzo had told the Sunday Nation in an interview that he had a secret pact, separate from the NASA arrangement, with Raila on 2022.
“We wish to state categorically that no such deal exists neither between the party nor the party leaders as affirmed to us by our party leader,” Sifuna said.

ODM chairman John Mbadi, too, told The Standard that he wasn’t aware of such a deal either in the making or already struck.

“The party leaders by dint of the law are at liberty to enter into any viable coalition or pacts without necessarily consulting us,” he said.

But where there exist such plans, the party leader has to consult top party organs before going ahead with such an arrangement.

“I am not privy to any such deal, whether it was private or made at an individual level. As a top party organ official, I would certainly know,” he told The Standard on phone.

Mbadi was quick to add: “If its a deal between him and our party leader only, then that is between two. Party constitutions allow party leaders to get into alliances.

“I am in very serious doubts if our party leader can enter into such pacts and keep us groping in the dark,” he said.

Mbadi said if ODM were to enter into any pact with anybody or party, then the party will make it formal.

‘’Going into 2022, there are a number of political plans and deals in the making. Our door is open for consultations and we shall let our supporters to know that clearly,’’ he said

The Minority Leader in the National Assembly assured Kenyans that there will be no hidden treasures if Raila and Kalonzo were to make such a pre-election deal.

However, Kalonzo last night countered ODM statements saying they reeked of deep lack of appreciation of emerging and prevailing political realities. Through his party SG Judith Sijeny, the Wiper leader said the ODM officials were disrespectful.

“The story in question had clearly stated that Kalonzo talked of a deal between him and Raila, not between Kalonzo and ODM. This means that the two senior politicians may have made a deal without the knowledge of any other members or officials of the party,” Sijeny said.

She described Sifuna’s comments on the deal as “shameless, unwarranted and antagonistic” coming from junior person. She said Wiper have every reason to believe that Sifuna did not seek the views of Raila.

“I urge Sifuna and his ilk to tame their antagonistic  grandstanding, which many feel could be too costly to ODM by consigning it into a tribal block it was in  1997,” she said.

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