One Kenyan man’s experience on why you should never buy second-hand laptops, phones

A Tweep by the name Derrick Dre who runs a computer’s shop in Busia is lucky to be alive and free following his arrest for handling a second-hand laptop.

Taking to Twitter, Dre narrated how he was arrested by detectives from the DCI who accused him of murder.

The officers then forced him to take them to his house which they turned upside down in search of a gun.

Only that he had never owned a gun nor held one his entire life. It was all very confusing.

Several other suspects who had also been arrested for the same offence were marched to a sugar plantation in Busia where the detectives with cocked guns demanded that  the suspects produce the guns they had used to kill several victims.

“We were then ferried to Awasi sugar plantations in a convoy of 7 DCI vehicles. Guns were cocked and pointed at us, we were asked to produce guns we used to kill people. Scariest day of my life. After telling them we were unaware of,” Dre narrates.

Later, Dre was informed that he had been arrested for handling stolen property whose owner was brutally murdered.

Fortunately for him, he told police officers that he had received the laptop from a Prisons officer as collateral for a soft loan.

“See this laptop was given to me by my immediate neighbour (a Kenya Prisons officer). He was financially pressed and in need of quick cash, and he thought since I owned a computer shop, why not have it on display there, once it’s sold, the business will get a cut…” he added.

Officers then marched the suspects into police vehicles on the hunt for the prison officer who it turned out had been transferred to the Naivasha GK prison a few weeks earlier.

“They mobilized DCI officers Naivasha branch, who then raided the house of that cop, and behold, they found a pistol dismantled and hidden in a diaper wrapping. A sense of relief, but we had to go to court the next day. They asked for 10 days to do further investigations…” Dre says.

Later it turned out that the prison officer who was facing six counts of murder was behind several crimes in Kakamega and Busia.

Following the Twitter thread that has since gone viral, the DCI on Twitter advised Kenyans against buying second-hand items.

“In the past, a good number of Kenyans have found themselves in trouble after buying goods that have been obtained illegally. Such illegal ways include items stolen from victims of carjacking, pick pocketing, murder among others,” DCI wrote on Twitter.

Further, the sleuths explained that those found culpable of handling stolen property are liable to prosecution for a criminal offence.

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