Packers’ Williams says he wasn’t ripping Trubisky

GREEN BAY, Wis. — Tramon Williams was not channeling his inner Charles Woodson with his comment about Chicago Bears quarterback Mitchell Trubisky after Williams and the Green Bay Packers won 10-3 at Soldier Field in Thursday night’s season opener.

It was back in 2012 when Woodson ripped then-Bears quarterback Jay Cutler and his penchant for throwing interceptions against the Packers by saying Cutler was “Same old Jay. We don’t need luck. We just need to be in position. Jay will throw us the ball.”

Seven years later, Williams — who played on that same Packers team with Woodson in 2012 — said of Trubisky: “We wanted to make Mitch play quarterback. We knew they had a lot of weapons, we knew they were dangerous, we knew all of those things. But we knew if we could make Mitch play quarterback, that we’d have a chance.”

On Friday, Williams told ESPN he did not mean it as a criticism of Trubisky.

“I definitely wasn’t [taking] a shot at Mitch,” Williams said. “I was talking more about the way their offense is built. Mitch is a guy that the way their offense and their team is built, they have a bunch of a weapons. They are dangerous. They added Cordarrelle Patterson, they’ve got [Tarik] Cohen, obviously Allen Robinson and Gabe [Taylor Gabriel] — a lot of dangerous guys out there. We’re trying to keep the ball out of their hands. Mitch, obviously, has the talent to play that position.”

By late afternoon Friday, Williams said he had seen stories that compared what he said to Woodson’s remarks about Cutler.

“It doesn’t matter; it is what it is,” Williams added. “The people who do know me know that isn’t my style.”

The Packers and their revamped defense sacked Trubisky five times and hit him 11 times. He finished with 228 yards and an interception by former Bears safety Adrian Amos, who signed with the Packers in the offseason.

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