Parents protest as schools turn children into ‘beggars’ during holidays – Nairobi News

You may have been approached by a random child or a parent with a contribution form for a school project or charity event.

Parents online are lamenting how schools are turning their children into beggars over school holidays, approaching everyone to contribute to their school kitty.

Schools have issued contribution forms for harambees, charity walks and events with a promise to gift those who collect the highest amount.


Children are now employing tactics to ensure they collect the highest figures, with some using their parents to reach to their friends, while others approach neighbours.

“Hi story ya watoto kupewa forms za kuchanga pesa na shule inafaa kukatazwa. Every holiday mtoto anakaa omba omba moving from house to house akichanga,” a parent lamented.

“Does the minister know something of this sort aki its so boring,” another inquired.

“Me Hellen, I take the forms and keep them safely, I only produce them siku mwalimu ameziitisha. Watoto wangu watashinda kuomba omba nani hii Nairobi?” questioned another.

“It’s not a good practice. It. Can easily put the children in danger. They knock all the doors and you never know they could come across pedophiles who could entice them with a promise of the money,” a mother wrote.

“Mine told nimsaidie kuchangisha now that I have many friends,” a father stated.


“Thought ni kwetu tu…my daughter came with one for heart run and told me the instructions is if you don’t changa from 1800, you won’t participate in the walk. Then my niece too has one for diabetes…So we went for a siblings chama and both of them carried the forms to borrow money…It’s pathetic!” a parent retorted.

“Just and return it to the school yourself in this era where kids are getting killed,raped,sodomized or kidnapped my kid is not going to be exposed to danger in the name of kuchanga,” another advised.

“Thought I was alone in this……me hurudisha blank…… there’s no way I’ll changa for my 3 kids…. leave alone allowing them to go around wakichanga…..God tu anisamehe hapo…aki sitaweza,” another added.

“Wah huku hata ni worse. And ukimake mistake ya kuchangia mmoja, watajileta kigroup sasa. I thank God shule ya kijana yangu haina iyo upuzi,” a parent wrote.

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