Personalities who changed humanity in 2020 – Nairobi News

Rachael Mwikali- Mathare.

She spearheaded online campaigns aimed at improving the livelihoods of women in Mathare slums. She also spent some time empowering the women and helping them earn a living.

Pastor Steve Mbugua- Kayole

He commenced a feeding programme for children in Matopeni slums three years ago. However, the numbers increased after schools were closed because of Coronavirus in March.

Through his Faith Rescue Network, Pastor Mbugua relies on contributions from other well-wishers and decided to feed the children on a daily basis.

Emily Onyango- Korogocho

Through her youth and women empowerment group, she has managed to train her community on starting and running small businesses.

These skills have been essential in the last seven months after many of them were laid off from work and only depended on skills learnt from Emily.

Media personality Doreen Majala-Nairobi

Through her foundation, Doreen has partnered with community tailors in Mathare to make masks that she distributes for free to school going children in various places within the country.

Safari operator Pankaj Shah Nairobi.

Under the initiative of team Pankaj, the tour operator spearheaded a volunteer effort to feed thousands of families left penniless when the pandemic strike.

They moved from one slum to another making sure thousands of slum dwellers had food on their tables.

With the help of well-wishers’ team Pankaj at some point started packing over 3000 food hampers for families in the slums.

Sister Mary Killeen of Mukuru Promotion Center (MPC).

When Covid-19 hit and masks became costly for those living in the informal settlements, Sr Mary made sure there were free masks for the people of Mukuru Kwa Njenga.

The tailors who made the masks also got a source of income, and they got paid for the work.

Before the pandemic the centre provided education, healthcare and social rehabilitation services for more than 8,000 children and adults in the slums.

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