Photos: June Ruto engaged to Nigerian university professor

June’s future husband Alexander Ezenagu is an assistant Law Professor at the Hamad Bin Khalifa University.

Assistant Law Professor Alexander Ezenagu.

The college further describes him as an international tax expert, who specializes in international tax law, transfer pricing, tax planning, investment advisory and commercial law advisory and practice.

He obtained his Ph.D. in international tax law from McGill University, Canada.

Ezenagu is also a graduate of the University of Cambridge, United Kingdom, where he obtained an LL.M. in commercial law.

He holds an LL.B. degree from the University of Ibadan, Nigeria and has been admitted as a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Nigeria.

One of the guests was businessman and Nigerian politician Osita Chidok, who posted on Facebook saying, the Kalenjin people of Kenya are pastoral people and have so much in common with the Igbos of Nigeria.

“I was the negotiator at the bride price settlement ceremony. We haggled, we negotiated and at the end, we agreed on how many cows would be a fair price for the hands of June.”

He added that DP William Ruto, June’s father, kept the event small and simple, and family-focused.

“His position as Deputy President was relegated as he played the role of a father. Hon. Ruto and his wife [Racheal] were great hosts.

“I regaled them with Igbo customs, proverbs, and more. They are looking forward to visiting Ani Igbo to eat roasted yam and red oil. They also want to see Umuaro and Umuofia as described by Chinua Achebe. Well, I told them that visiting Obosi and Alex’s village Uli will suffice.”

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