Poll: Most people find Covid-19 updates alarming: The Standard

Majority of Kenyans are finding the Ministry of Health’s updates on Covid-19 alarming and stressful.
In a new poll released by Infotrak on Sunday, some Kenyans have also described the updates by the Mutahi Kagwe-led ministry as boring and repetitive.
Despite the increasing numbers of infections reported daily, it appears Kenyans have not yet grasped the gravity of the disease.

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The poll shows 78 per cent find news alarming and stressful while 49 per cent said news was repetitive and boring.
Another 48 per cent said news was confusing, 46 per cent said it was complicated while eight per cent said it was exaggerated.
“It’s for this reason that consumption of news regarding Coronavirus has somewhat reduced, with 78 per cent saying they find news on the pandemic stressful, while 48 per cent find it confusing,” the report says.
The poll also shows fewer Kenyans closely follow Covid-19 updates in June as compared to April. Up to 81 per cent are feeling anxious and stressed about the virus, 68 per cent are confused while 63 per cent feel confined and trapped. A total 61 per cent of those sampled feel lonely in this crisis, while 52 per cent feel helpless. 

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