President Ruto gazettes education dream team to review CBC

President William Ruto has gazetted the 42-member taskforce that will lead education reform by reviewing and making recommendations on the Competency Based Curriculum (CBC). The team, Dr Ruto said, will be headed by Prof Raphael Munavu, a renown educationist and lecturer.

The team also includes Peter Mokaya Tabichi, the science teacher who who won the Sh100 million 2019 Varkey Foundation Global Teacher Prize in 2019, former Commission for University Education (CUE) Prof David Some and University of Nairobi Vice-Chancellor Prof Stephen Gitahi Kiama.

Others are Dr Halima Saado Abdilahi, Prof Collins Odote, Dr Ciriaka Gitonga, Purity Mbaabu, Dr Edward Katue Nzinga and Ms Virginia Wahome.

The taskforce has been given a period of six months to complete their work and are expected to issue a process report every two months to the President and a final report presented after the six months’ period.

“The working party shall invite and consider views from sector stakeholders and members of the public, hold such number of meetings in places and at such times as it shall consider for proper discharge of its functions,” directed President Ruto.

Reforms in Education sector

Dr Ruto has directed the taskforce to engage in review on various reforms in the education sector including the implementation of the CBC, funding in primary and secondary schools, tertiary and the university sector.

Among the roles will be to assess and recommend an appropriate structure to implement the CBC, study all laws governing the basic education subsector and make recommendations for review of the legislations with a view to addressing duplication, ambiguities, efficiency constraints and improving linkages.

“Assess and make recommendations on the conceptualization and implementation of key tenets guiding the competency based approach including but not limited to value based education, community service learning, parental empowerment and engagement,” reads the gazette.

They will also review and recommend the assessment and examination framework, the quality assurance and standards framework, the teacher education and training framework for both preservice and in-service.

The taskforce will further review and recommend the teacher deployment framework and the technology for curriculum delivery, improved learning outcomes and education management.

The areas to be addressed are part of the reform areas listed in the Kenya Kwanza Education Charter.

They are also to look into the financing framework including capitation and minimum essential package grants for all levels of basic education and recommend equitable access to education especially for those facing social, economic and geographic marginalization, vulnerable populations, children and persons with special needs.

Other areas to be addressed under the basic education are to review and recommend appropriate framework on the management and coordination of bursaries and scholarships for secondary school students.

They are also to review and recommend a tracking system to capture and enroll children of school age to ensure universal access to preprimary, primary and secondary education.

They are also to recommend a framework for physical and e-infrastructure development and coordination of public private partnerships for improved access and quality provision


On Technical and Vocational Education Training (TVET) and the University education sector, President Ruto has mandated the taskforce to review and give recommendations on the governance mechanisms of learning institutions and sharing of resources across schools.

Dr Ruto has directed the taskforce to review and recommend a governance and financing framework for TVET training and development, university education, research and training.

They are also to study all laws governing the tertiary education subsector and make recommendations for review of these legislations with a view to streamlining effectiveness and efficiency in the subsector.

“To recommend a framework of operationalizing the National Open University of Kenya and a framework on Open, Distance and E-line learning (ODEL), to make recommendations for streamlining continuity in TVET and university education transition,” reads the gazette notice in part.

The President is also seeking to make a reality his plans to streamline funding in the university sector.

Dr Ruto has directed the taskforce to review and recommend legislation to facilitate amalgamation of Higher Education Loans Board (HELB), TVET and University Funding Boards with a view of harmonizing and merging all tertiary education funding entities.

Taskforce members

Members of taskforce include:  Prof David Some, Dr Halima Saado Abdilahi, Dr Ciriaka Gitonga, Purity Mbaabu, Dr Edward Katue Nzinga, Ms Virginia Wahome, Dr Robert Juma Wamalwa, Charles Kyalo Mutinda,  Prof Gitahi Kiama , Mr  Anthony Cheruiyot Sitienei, Bishop Geffrey Waweru Gichoki,  Rev Seline Chepngeno Ronoh,  Prof Laila Abubakar, Mr  Daniel Otieno Randa, Mr John Kamiti Munyua, Prof Paul Wainaina ,Ms  Kasanga Mutheu , Ms Margaret W Chege , Prof James Kanya , Ms Salome Eyangan , Prof Wiston Akala , Mr Peter Mokaya Tabichi, Ms Jane Kimiti , Mr Kizito Wangalwa Ms Augusta Mwihaki Muthigani , Prof Peter Barasa , Dr Ahmed Yussuf ,Mr  Jone Mose, Prof Hassan Mwakimako, Ms  Lynette Mwende Ndile,  Dr Wilson Kogo , Prof Stephen Mbugua Ngari , Mr Paul Lilan, Dr Richard Githinji , Mr Collins Odote, Dr  Jane Imbunya, Ms Jacinta Ngure , Dr Jerono P. Rotich ,Ms Subira Neema , Mr Bernard Kariuki Njoroge and Prof  Peter Njenga Keiyoro.

The president also appointed seven other people as secretaries to the taskforce. They include Dr Elyas Addi, Ms Patita Tingoi, Dr David Njegere, Prof Jackson Too, Dr Reuben Nthamburi Mugwuku, Mr Richard Miano and Ms Eunice Gachoka all drawn from different sections of the Ministry of Education.

The President has given the taskforce powers to co-opt other persons, who possess the appropriate competencies, as it may consider necessary.

See the other taskforce members below.

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